Single-Subject and Multiple-Subject

Program Highlights

The Preliminary Teaching Credential program is characterized by its rigor and relevance to today's increasingly diverse schools. Classes are small, professors are accessible, and field supervisors provide individual mentoring.

Strong foundational coursework

Teachers are once again in demand. The prospect of growth for careers in education is high, with an expected turnover of over 100,000 teachers within the next decade due to retirement (California Teachers Association).

This program will prepare you to be a thriving educator in this field. The program is divided into three distinct stages of course work: Foundations, Methods, and Full-Time Student Teaching. Course work taken at the graduate level applies toward the optional M.Ed in Teacher Leadership degree.

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Hands-on classroom experience

Professional Development Schools (PDSs) are innovative partnerships between K-12 schools and university teacher credentialing programs. In a PDS, teacher candidates work for one or two semesters alongside a veteran cooperating teacher, giving them the same opportunity to connect theory to practice.

You will benefit by having a designated school site readily available for observation, participation in activities, and hands-on learning. Teachers from our K-12 partner schools become partners with Cal Lutheran professors and work together to provide opportunities to demonstrate and share a variety of techniques, practical procedures and philosophies.

These partnerships ultimately will benefit you by providing high quality learning experiences rooted in research-based teaching methodology.

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Bilingual Authorization

As a result of a partnership between the Department of Languages and Cultures and the Graduate School of Education, undergraduate students who are pursuing a Spanish major or minor and are interested in becoming an educator will be accepted into the Preliminary Teaching Program to complete their credentials and requirements for the bilingual authorization. The Spanish language courses students take during their undergraduate programs help them gain proficiency in oral comprehension, reading and writing in Spanish, and key communication skills that are necessary in bilingual instruction. 

This program prepares teachers for highly demanded bilingual education programs within the state of California. Students will need to take an additional 12 courses within their credential program to complete this authorization. The major or minor in Spanish allows students to waive the three additional CSET exams that are required for the Bilingual Authorization.

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Expand your credential portfolio

After obtaining your credential, you can continue your education with a Special Education credential. Teachers with this specialized credential are high in demand. With only a few additional courses, you can expand your credential portfolio and pursue your passion in education.

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