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Service-Learning Mini-Grant

CASL Service-Learning Mini-Grants for Faculty

The Center for Academic Service-Learning (CASL) is pleased to announce the availability of Service-Learning Mini-Grants For Faculty at California Lutheran University. The mini-grants are intended to encourage and support academic service-learning efforts across campus and are available for service-learning projects  (for the creation, expansion and/or improvement of service-learning projects within an academic course). 


CASL is offering a limited number of Service-Learning Mini-Grants. Applicants may request up to $500.00 for semester funding.  

For fall awards, funding must be spent on the last day of fall classes. For spring awards, funding must be spent by the last day of spring classes. Funding must conform to the guidelines set forth below in the written proposal request. Up to $4000 will be awarded in an academic year. 


Faculty (full-time, part-time, and adjunct) who teach courses at California Lutheran University are eligible to receive mini-grants. The service-learning project(s) must also be directly linked to the course requirements.


Grants are available on a rolling basis. Awards will be announced approximately 3-4 weeks after submission.

Selection Criteria

Mini-grants will be awarded to faculty based upon the strengths of the following criteria:

  1. Service Learning (SL) must relate to the academic content of the course and facilitate meaningful experiential education that enhances student learning outcomes (SLOs).
  2. SL project must contribute to student development (personal/social development, ethics, leadership) and demonstrate concern for societal needs as articulated in Cal Lutheran's mission statement and core values  (for example, promote the service, justice, and civic engagement mission of Cal Lutheran)
  3. SL project must clearly demonstrate the reciprocal relationship between the community partner and the University (genuinely meet a community need).
Guidelines for Service-Learning Proposal

All proposals must be typewritten, sent electronically to, and contain the following:

  1. Title page: Fill out proposal form
  2. Proposal narrative (1- 2 pages). Your proposal should explain the project details with attention to the criteria described in the above, and include the following:
    • Description of proposed sl project(s)
    • Description of how sl project(s) will relate to academic material covered in the course syllabus requirements, including student learning outcomes (SLOs).  Also indicate how students will be reflecting on the service-learning (connecting service to learning and vice versa).
    • Description of how the service-learning component or project(s) promotes concern for societal needs and/or connects to CLU’s mission statement and core values (for example, how does sl help educate leaders for a global society who are strong in character and judgment, confident in their identity and vocation and committed to service and justice and/or promotes the community and civic engagement values of our University)
    • Description of how service will benefit the community
    • Celebration and Education

Amount of money requested and a detailed budget explaining how funds for reimbursement will be spent to support the service-learning project components (for the creation, expansion and/or improvement of service-learning projects within an academic course).

Funding expenses may include transportation, honorarium, guest speaker gift cards (up to $50), supplies, education materials, related workshops, and other service-learning/project related costs.  Course-related costs otherwise covered through the department should not be requested.   Funding may not be used for instructor compensation.  Food and drink items may be covered only for prolonged service events (service event must last a minimum of 4 hours).

Review Process

Mini-grant request must be submitted by the deadline. All completed applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of the CASL Faculty Advisory Council (FAC). Awards will be announced approximately 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.  Please send completed applications electronically to

In our continuing efforts to celebrate and educate about service-learning, faculty who receive awards are required to submit a brief report/questionnaire after the completion of the course. Part of the report (narrative) will also be showcased on the CASL website. The FAC also recommends that our recipients be invited to share about their course as one of our CASL Faculty Spotlights, at a CTL session, during Festival of Scholars week, or through other venues. Please indicate in your proposal your interest to participate in one of these sessions or how you plan to educate about service-learning.

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