College of Arts & Sciences

Alumni Profiles


Holly Bertelsen ’12

Media Coordinator, Domestic Theatrical Marketing 20th Century Fox

My job includes assisting with the planning and strategy for all of our Media/Marketing needs for domestic film releases. My advice is to NETWORK! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t take full advantage of internships, and the people I met on the way to graduation. I always stay in contact with former co-workers, supervisors, etc. A simple check-in email every few months can be the reason you get the job over someone else.


Alexandra Butler ’10

Freelance story producer for unscripted/docu-series style television shows

I work in both post and field production following and helping define episode story lines and making sure the best footage and moments are used to create a television series. It is very easy to get paralyzed from stressing about your career and the future, but it’s not productive. Remembering what you are grateful for will ease your worries and help you discover what’s most important to you and what you need moving forward.


Lindsey (Rarick, 05) Carnett

CEO, Marketing Maven Public Relations Inc.

This is the time to really evaluate your likes and dislikes with every type of job. I would advise any current Cal Lutheran student to do as many internships as possible while in college. You never know who you'll meet or what doors they can open for you down the road.


Caitlin Coomber ’12

Communication Specialist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

I help tell the stories and share the accomplishments of our marine scientists. It’s a small department, so I help with any projects related to communication. I recommend you do as many internships as you can while in school, and don’t worry if you don’t have your dream job immediately after graduation. Sometimes you just need work experience and the rest will happen with time.


Trevor Connor '07

Anchor/News Reporter, NewsChannel Nine (NBC), El Paso, TX

The best way to get a job after graduation is to be resourceful. Use the Career Center to keep you informed about job openings. The more opportunities you create for yourself, the more likely one of them will turn into a job!!


Catherine Howell ’14

Digital Communications Specialist, The Brookings Institute Governance Studies

I manage the website, social media, email marketing, reports and publications for the Governance Studies Program at Brookings. I would tell other Communication students you shouldn’t be afraid to reach further than you thought you could. Limits can be self-imposed sometimes, so even though it seems like a goal could be a stretch, it doesn’t hurt to go after it anyway.


Nicole Mangona ’14

Content Coordinator,, a LinkedIn company

I support and coordinate projects for the content managers and plan team events. I also act as a liaison between the U.S. and the international content teams. My advice is to explore different communication industries to find what suits you best. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and connect with those you work with or meet at networking events. It’s a great way to keep in touch with those you may need to reach out to in the future.


Zachary McVicker ’09

Vice President, Edelman Digital, LA

I am a social media marketer. That involves everything from strategy to community management to editorial to analytics to paid social media buys. I would tell students to be curious and learn as much as you can. There are so many different elements of each field and you’ll likely touch many of them as you progress. My career is case in point, as I have transitioned from advertising to PR to social/digital in the span of only a few years.


Elessandria Smith ’14

Master’s of International Marketing, Hult International Business School, London

I plan on going into entertainment marketing for the film and TV industry; my dream job would be to work for Disney. One piece of advice I have regarding grad school is to just go for it. There will always be an excuse for why you shouldn’t pursue grad school, but the measure of your life should be on the risks you take. I definitely took a huge risk getting my master’s abroad in London, but it has only bolstered my confidence in my capabilities.


Kristi (Wolzmuth '06) Staley

Public Affairs Specialist, Kratos Defense

My biggest advice to current or prospective students is to do as many internships as you can -- don' just do one, and don't wait until your senior year.


Evan White '06


Have fun! That is what life is all about... especially when you're working. If you don't like the job, why are you doing it? You don't have to!