College of Arts & Sciences

Morning Glory

Since its creation in 1971 by Dr. Jack Ledbetter, the Morning Glory has continued the tradition of showcasing the best creative endeavors of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of California Lutheran University.

The staffs have diligently judged the anonymous entries each year and then carefully coordinated each literary piece with the artwork to produce this award winning magazine.

In 2001, we included for the first time original musical compositions celebrating the innovative and artistic spirit of the university community in its literary, visual, and musical expressions.

In 2021, the Morning Glory celebrated it's 50th anniversary during the COVID-19 pandemic with a fully virtual edition featuring music and video submissions as well as poetry, prose, photography, and visual art. 

This year’s theme, “Renaissance” represents the rebirth of students, communities, and creatives after a long period of isolation and unrest. Creative writing is good both going and coming back. For the author, it is the language of the soul that can express the inexpressible and connect with the hearts of others. And for the reader, it can reawaken senses, evoke memories, and offer solace during moments of darkness.

Submissions are currently closed.