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The Morning Glory staff spends the Fall Semester collecting art, literature, and music submissions from students, faculty, and alumni. In February, the staff gathers at Dr. Wines' house for food, company, and the reading of the hundreds of submissions collected.



  • This year's Morning Glory will be made by the 2021-2022 English Department Assistants.

Riley Civerolo Douglas, Bella DePhillipo, Caroline Lopez, and Tenchi Wells.


  • Due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Morning Glory will be made by the 2020-2021 English Department Assistants.

The 2021 English DAs. From left to right, Riley Civerolo Douglas, Sarah Sherwood, Bella DePhillipo, and Nyle De Leon.

The 2020-2021 English DAs. From left to right, Riley Civerolo Douglas, Sarah Sherwood, Bella DePhillipo, and Nyle De Leon.


  • Co-Editors-in-Chief: Meagan Toumayan and Brianna Zaragoza
  • Art Editor: TBD
  • Music Editor: TBD
  • Other Editors/Collaborators: TBD


  • Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Gentile 
  • Art Editor: Monique Avina
  • Music Editor: Paul Kellogg
  • Other Editors/Collaborators: Garrett Wyatt, Ellie Long, Shysel Granados, Brianna Zaragoza, Jessica Conn, Virginia Anderson, Madison Secor, Mona Saii, Julie Martinez

Morning Glory staff gather at Dr. Wines house in preparation for the 2019 edition.

The 2018/2019 Morning Glory staff gathered at Dr. Wines home in Dec. to prepare for the 2019 edition. 


  • Editor-in-Chief: 
    • Virginia Anderson
  • Other Editors/Collaborators: 
    • Imanya Supancic
    • Sophi St. John
    • Meagan Toumayan


  • Editor-in-Chief: Kellie Warren
  • Art Editor: Chris Hanna

Top Row (left to right): Sofi St. John, Keilani Medina, Jessica Rinehart, Kellie Warren (Editor-in-Chief)

Bottom Row: Thomas Dixon, Lauren Rezak, Jeff Baker

Not Pictured: Chris Hanna (Art Editor)



  • Editor-in-Chief: Kirsten Hagen
  • Assistant Editor: Kellie Warren
  • Art Editor: Chris Hanna
Morning Glory Staff 2015-16
Top Row (left to right): Victoria Van Dusen, Livia Bowman, Megan Freiberg, and Emily Engler
Bottom Row: Chris Hanna (Art Editor) , Kellie Warren (Assistant Editor), Kirsten Hagen (Editor-in Chief), Lindsey Weed, Jessica Rinehart, and Kirsten Nestor
Morning Glory staff at the garden
This year, the Morning Glory staff enjoyed their time in the CLU SEED Garden for their service project.

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