History Department

College of Arts & Sciences

Understanding of the diversity of human experience over time

History graduates often pursue graduate work in the social sciences, law and church vocations; they're equally well prepared to begin careers in teaching and administration, media reporting, library science, archival work, genealogy, public administration, and museum studies.

News & Updates

  • The latest volume of our undergraduate journal, The Scribe of the Ages is now available: Volumbe 7, May 2021
  • We are happy to announce our 2021 History Department Awards were awarded to the samte student, a graduating senior who has worked hard and developed his talents during his time at Cal Lutheran:  Shane Kroeber, who earned the O. Fritioff Ander History Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior, and the Smith Family Writing History AwardShane Kroeber will have one of his research papers published in the 2021 volume of our undergraduate journal, The Scribe of the Ages, to be published on this site by June 2021.