College of Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Conferences

If you are interested in experiencing an undergraduate academic conference, whether it is just attending to see what it is like, or presenting your research, please consider these opportunities. 

Conference Opportunities

Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR)

SCCUR is open to undergraduate presentations from any discipline, and is held annually. Please contact Dr. Sam Claussen if you would like to present your research.

Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conferences

 Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society sponsors local conferences for undergraduates and graduate students, whether or not students are members of PAT. Regional Conferences are held annually. Conference information may be found on the Phi Alpha Theta site. Please contact Dr. David Nelson if you are interested.

Phi Alpha Theta Southern California Regional Conference

Held annually in the spring at a university in SoCal (hosted by us in 2014, 2016 and 2023). For details, or contact Dr. David Nelson if you are interested.

Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Conventions

Cal Lutheran students have presented at the last four national conferences in Orlando, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Albuquerqe. We plan to continue our streak in the future!