Math Lab

The Math Lab is designed to assist students taking Math classes. Drop-in tutoring is for any CLU class containing math content up to and including Calculus II. The tutors in the Lab are available to help with homework assignments, review for quizzes and tests or answer general questions concerning a class.

When requesting help from a tutor, please be prepared to show relavent class notes, or similar problems worked in class or the book in order to aid the tutors in determining how far along you are in the class and your instructors approach to the problems. The Math Lab is located in the Library, Room 127. Starting the 3rd week of each semester, the Math Lab is open Sun-Thurs at the times posted below, unless there is no class the next day. The tutoring is free.

Schedule Room Times
Sunday, Drop in Library 127 7- 10pm
Monday, Drop in Library 127 7- 10pm
Tuesday, Drop in Library 127 7- 10pm
Wednesday, Drop in Library 127 7- 10pm
Thursday, Drop in Library 127 7- 10pm