College of Arts & Sciences


Haco Hoang, Ph.D.

Department Chair

Professor of Political Science
Boston University 2000
Dr. Hoang has a broad range of knowledge on issues involving international/global politics, public policy and advocacy, campaigns/elections, civic engagement and environmental justice.

Gregory K. Freeland, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science
Social movements, civil rights and music, and electoral politics

Kiku Huckle, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science
University of Washington 2016
Ethno-Racial Politics; Religion and Politics; Public Opinion and Political Behavior

Jose Marichal, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science
University of Colorado 2003

Richard Neve, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer in the Political Science Department
University of Westminster 2013
Contemporary Democratic Theory, Constitutional Theory, Antagonism, Agonism and Militant Democracy