College of Arts & Sciences

Honors Theses


Hall, Kayley. Agents of Adventure: Processing Tabletop Role-Playing Game Actions as an Extension of Self or Other


Beeson, Carlie. Emotion Recognition and Memory in Individuals with High Autistic Tendencies during the
COVID-19 Pandemic


Ramsey Khader How Locus of Control and Perceived Mental Illness Impact Sympathy and Assignment of Culpability Regarding Crime


Gabriella Sainz The Effect of Parasocial Relationship Status with Fictional Couples on Romantic Relationship Evaluations

Allie Rubinowitz Posttraumatic Growth Following a Loss: How to Predict Positive Outcomes through Basic Need Satisfaction and Meaning-Making


Carranza, Itzel. Cell Phone Restriction and its Impact on Academic Performance. 

Palaad, Charisse. Self-Expansion Model: The Effect of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance. 


Randazzo, Kala. Attitudes Toward Puberty Blockers for Children Experiencing Gender Dysphoria.


Fahmy, Patricia. Parental Acceptance and Rejection, Gender and Shame: Could the Acceptance of One Parent Act as a Buffer Against the Rejection of Another Parent?


Breda, Aili. The Use of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Combined with Computer Technology in the Treatment of Selective Mutism: A Case Study

Waters, Aaron F. Expressing Gratitude: A Refined Intervention to Increase Resilience and Thriving in Adults Recovering from Substance Abuse

Before 2013

Mohr, Danielle. Personality and Behavioral Correlates of Body Dissatisfaction

Nelson, Samuel O. Exploring the Relationship Between Coping Style and State of Mind Score