Psychology Department

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Internships are a great way to get some experience towards your future career, while earning school credit! Take advantage of the numerous places around Cal Lutheran that offer cooperative education opportunities for psychology students.

How to Find an Internship

A great way to start the search is to sign up with Career Services. They provide you with information about available internships in addition to having lists of websites with like information. Not only do they provide information, they also help you with the process of applying, such as reviewing your resume before you submit it.

Finding an internship specifically for Psychology doesn’t have to be so tricky. Dr. Gerson is happy to brainstorm other opportunities with students outside of Career Services if you have connections of your own. Not all internships have to be “official” as long as you have a plan on how your work can apply to psychology

Get Started

Internship forms are available at Career Services and must be completed by the student, intern site, Dr. Marylie Gerson, and given to the Registrar office.

Sixty hours of work is equal to one course credit (i.e., 5 hours per week for a semester). Up to 240 hours of work may be counted for 4 credits. If the internship is more than 2 credits, the student will need to complete a paper about their experience. Otherwise, students will create a log of their time and activities.

If you are thinking about doing an internship while here at Cal Lutheran, pursue it! This is a great way to develop skills, explore career options, and to have exposure to real world work. If you would like additional information please contact Marylie Gerson at