Certificate of Clearance

Education Code Section 44320(d) and Title 5 Regulations Section 80028 requires an individual to obtain a Certificate of Clearance prior to beginning classroom observation and student teaching. The Certificate of Clearance verifies that an individual has completed the fingerprint and character and identification process and has been cleared by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to begin student teaching. California Lutheran University's Credential Program requires all applicants to possess a valid certificate, permit or previous credential prior to admission into a credential program.

If you currently hold a valid Certificate of Clearance, CTC-issued permit or teaching/services credential, it is not necessary to complete this process.  Go to the Online Services for Educators page to print verification when submitting your Cal Lutheran Graduate Admission Application.

(Please note the recent update to the CTC's online services website. It will look different than what you have used before, and it may require you to go through a validation process the first time you log into the new website.)

Applicants currently residing out-of-state are advised to wait until arriving in California to complete this process.


  1. Complete the Request for Live Scan Service form and print two copies. After fingerprinting, retain a copy for your records. We recommend fingerprinting at:
  2. Click "Certificate of Clearance Tips" and print the directions to help guide you through the CTC application process. Apply for the Certificate of Clearance using the Online Direct Application.

NOTE: The fee for the Certificate of Clearance is $50.00 and non-refundable. If you are asked to pay an amount other than $50.00, you have chosen an incorrect credential title (see item 2 above). You will need to use the Back button to return to the page where you select which type of document you are applying for. Please also note that you may have to enter your social security number and birthday in twice in order to begin the process. 

TECHNICAL TIPS: To prevent problems in the payment process, you must modify your web browser to Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site before entering CTC Online. CTC Online is incompatible with the Safari browser, including on the iPhone and iPad. Mac users may access CTC Online using the web browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The normal processing time for the fingerprint and character and identification process is a minimum of 10 business days.   If an individual must be reviewed by the CTC's Division of Professional Practice, the review process will take longer. Note that an answer of “Yes” to any character question on the online form may delay your clearance from 12-18 months.  Upon admission, if this is your situation, contact your CLU admissions counselor regarding initial enrollment options.

When fingerprints have cleared, an e-mail will be sent notifying the individual that clearance has been granted. Information can be viewed in 48 hours on the Search for an Educator section of the CTC website. Notify your Admissions Counselor if you do not receive clearance within 14 working days.

Additional information regarding the Certificate of Clearance may be obtained by visiting the Commission's website www.ctc.ca.gov