Glossary of Terms

Learn about each Cost of Attendance element.

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Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Tuition & mandatory fee amounts normally assessed for a student carrying the same academic workload, as determined by the institution.

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An allowance for housing costs to be incurred by the student attending Cal Lutheran on at least a half-time basis.

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Food Allowance

A standard food allowance which provides the equivelent cost of three meals a day. Actual costs may based on housing assignment, chosen meal plan, or off-campus food purchases for those students who live off-campus.

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Books and Supplies

An allowance for books, course materials, and equipment, which must include all such costs required of all students in the same course of study, including a reasonable allowance for the rental or upfront purchase of a personal computer.

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Transportation is factored into the cost of attendance as an allowance to assist students in budgeting for expenses such as commuting between campus, residences, and place of work. Transportation includes costs such as fuel, public transportation fares, and vehicle maintenance.

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Miscellaneous Personal Expenses

An allowance for personal expenses for the non-academic costs associated with a student's daily life and well-being. This category includes various discretionary spending such as clothing, personal care items, entertainment, meals not covered by a meal plan, and other expenditures that are not directly tied to tuition, fees, housing, or textbooks.

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Federal Student Loan Fees

An allowance for federal student loan origination fees. The Department of Education deducts an origination fee from a student and/or parent's federal student loan at each loan disbursement.

  • Loan fees are calculated using separate loan fee averages for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Loan fees for non-federal loans are excluded from the COA.

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Professional Licensure/Certification

An allowance for a student in a field requiring Professional Licensure, Certification, or First Professional Credential.