The Elton and Janice Gallegly Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement

A pathway to public service.

The Elton and Janice Gallegly Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement at California Lutheran University is a non-partisan center for students seeking meaningful ways to serve in the government and nonprofit arenas. The Center works in partnership with the University's Master of Public Policy and Administration program and is exploring additional learning opportunities with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The Center is named in honor of Representative Elton Gallegly and his wife, Janice. Representative Gallegly retired from Congress in 2012 after completing his 13th term of service. He is the longest serving congressional representative in Ventura County history.

With your support, the Gallegly Center will offer students a wide range of learning opportunities at the local, state, and national levels creating a pathway to more public service careers.



Elton and Janice Gallegly

The future of Democracy will depend on the quality and the character of the men and women that we prepare for public service.

—Elton Gallegly


Public Service Fellows

Public Service Fellows

I have learned so much about the public sector, seen the many directions my career can take, and gained an understanding of my own character.  I want to be an active member of my community, continue to participate in our country’s democratic process, and be an employee with strong morals and values.  Thanks to the Gallegly Public Service Fellowship, I know I can reach goals I never even imagined.

—Dalia Flores '16, Public Service Fellow

Public Service Fellows at the Gallegly Center have the opportunity to pursue a combined undergraduate and graduate degree program in order to accelerate their careers in public service. The program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary focus and hands-on learning opportunities within the community.

Fellows are identified in the second semester of their junior year and are encouraged to choose an area of focus ranging from city or regional government to non-profit management. The program includes a semester of study and internship in Washington D.C. or an internship in local government in Ventura County. An option to complete an internship in Sacramento or take a course incorporating study in Sacramento itself is also offered. A field study or practicum is part of the Fellowship learning experience.

Meet Our Fellows

Esmeralda Navarro
  Esmeralda Navarro ’20, MPPA ‘21   
Hope Ramos ’19, MPPA ‘20 


Matthew Burdette ’18, MPPA ‘19


Paulina Nunez
Paulina Nuñez ’17, MPPA ’18


Dalia Flores
Dalia Flores '16, MPPA '17


Katy Crabtree
Katy Crabtree '15, MPPA '16


Kiera Murphy
Kiera Murphy '14, MPPA '15


Nina Kuzniak
Nina Kuzniak '13, MPPA '14


Zachary Zabo
Zachary Zabo '13, MPPA '14



Archive and Collection

Archive and Collection

The Gallegly Center Archive and Collection focuses on the management, storage, preservation, and display of Representative Elton Gallegly's government documents, correspondence, and papers over the course of his 33-year career in public service.

Highlights include his work in:

  • Expanding the European Union throughout Europe, the Balkans, and the Baltics
  • Chairing the first hearings on the 9/11 Commission's recommendations
  • Supporting efforts related to the Good Friday Accord that brought peace to Northern Ireland
  • Leading the fight against cruelty to animals
  • Leadership in establishing the Port of Hueneme as the only deep water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Gallegly Center is also a working office where Public Service Fellows and visiting scholars can meet and conduct research.

Get Involved

Get Involved

The Gallegly Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement at California Lutheran University is preparing a new generation of students for public service and redefining what it means to be civically engaged.

With your support, the Gallegly Center can fulfill a mission to inspire, and support, young students as they start on their path to public service careers.

Giving opportunities include:

  • Public Service Fellowships
  • Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Endowment
  • Distinguished Speaker Forum Endowment
  • Gallegly Center Archive and Collection Project

For more information, please contact (805) 493-3158.