Embracing Global Perspectives

Cal Lu Lab Leadership


The Steering Committee is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the ACE Laboratory. Submit any questions about the ACE INZ Lab to global@callutheran.edu for address by the Steering Committee


The Think Tank Members are individuals who have expressed interest in campus internationalization efforts and/or been identified as essential contributors to the work. Think Tank Members attend a monthly Internationalization Lab meeting and, based on interests, attend the INZ Thought Partner Discussions.


Internationalization Thought Partners (ITP) include various community members with specialization in and/or operational linkages with an identified internationalization area. ITPs are invited to take a deeper dive in exploring specific areas of internationalization. The ITP discussion topic leaders convene the group at designated times during the laboratory, possibly meeting only once or several times during the laboratory. Contact global@callutheran.edu if interested in joining ITP Discussions. 



Dr. Kara Goodwin

Dr. Kara Godwin

Dr. Kara Godwin is the Director of Internationalization at the American Council on Education (ACE), where she leads the Internationalization Laboratory and contributes to ACE’s global research initiatives. She is also a research fellow at the Boston College Center for International Higher Education.

Godwin’s previous experience includes international consulting and research for governments, NGOs, and higher education institutions on issues of internationalization, strategic policy, interdisciplinary and liberal arts education, evaluation, learning/teaching/curriculum, and emerging economies. Her clients included Duke/Duke Kunshan University, Olin College of Engineering, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, and Soka University. For several years, she led international programs at the Northwestern University teaching center and collaborated with the study abroad office. In her former career, she was an IT Project Manager in the United States and United Kingdom.