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Cal Lutheran Compact

Note: All students and employees will be asked to sign this compact in their MyCLU portal.

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Students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors commit to sharing responsibility for our collective health and well-being. These expectations are rooted in safety protocols for students, staff, faculty and the public with whom we interact. The actions of one member of the Cal Lutheran community can have implications for all members of this community.

As such, every member of the Cal Lutheran community is called upon to sign this Compact knowing that as we each care for ourselves, we care for each other and our neighbors. I help you. You help me. Together, we help our community.

I will take responsibility for my health and modify my behaviors in order to better protect the health of my community by agreeing to the following:

Hygiene Measures

  • I will practice good hand-washing by frequently washing my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • I will use hand sanitizer after interacting with others on campus, including in the residence halls, if I am unable to wash my hands.
  • I will clean my hands after touching my face.
  • I will clean and disinfect my area before leaving any common space that I have used whenever there are supplies to do so.
  • I will cough and/or sneeze into my elbow if physically possible, even if I am wearing a face covering.
  • I will strongly consider getting a flu vaccine this fall to reduce the incidence of influenza viruses in our community.

Physical-Distancing and Face-Covering Measures

  • I will follow physical-distancing protocols as stated by the University and local/state government.
  • I will maintain a minimum of a six-foot distance from others in both outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • I will wear a face covering any time I am in a public space, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • I will properly wear a face covering when indoors where other people have access. (Exceptions are private offices with closed doors and residence hall rooms.)
  • I will make sure my face covering securely covers from the bridge of my nose to under my chin, fitting closely against the sides of my face.
  • I will use a new or washed face covering each day.
  • I will always carry a face covering with me in anticipation of crossing paths with others.
  • I will make sure all my personal protective equipment is latex-free.
  • I will abide by policies in the residence halls prohibiting guests. 
  • I will follow all guidelines regarding building/room capacity and traffic flow.

Illness-Related Measures

  • I will attend appointments, classes and other in-person commitments only when symptom-free, and I will cancel if I feel ill or know that I have been in close contact with a person who has a contagious illness.
  • I will complete a symptom check each day I will be on campus.
  • I will report COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and test results, whether or not I am on campus, to:
  • I will follow the testing, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation protocols of Cal Lutheran and County Public Health if I become ill, diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19. 
  • I will follow the Cal Lutheran Travel Policy Guidelines.

Community Expectations

Compliance with public health measures is mandatory. To prevent widespread infections and possible campus closure, all must play a role and take these measures seriously. Holding ourselves and each member of this community accountable to the Compact is everyone’s work. Speak up and encourage others to honor the Compact, and be faithful in your personal actions and responsibilities. If required, disciplinary action will be taken to address violations of policy or directives put in place to address the ongoing pandemic.

I understand that federal, state and local guidelines change periodically, and, therefore, this agreement may change as a result of new guidance.