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Travel-Related Quarantine

The most recent California Travel Quarantine information should be reviewed by all students. Any student traveling to Thousand Oaks from out of the state or out of the country will need to abide by this recommended quarantine for 10 days.

Out-of-State or Country Commuter Students and Residential Students should not leave their home for in-person classes, athletic practices or gatherings, social gatherings either on campus or off, or any non-essential outing. Only essential activities such as getting groceries or food from Ullman Commons, attending medical appointments or retrieving medications are permitted during this 10-day quarantine.

Out-of-State or Country Residential Students will be tested on campus for COVID-19 upon arrival and againwithin five to seven days after arrival. Pending a negative result, residential students will be released from their travel quarantine on the 10th day.

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