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Employee Policies & Resources

Elective Furlough Program

Due to the challenges related to COVID-19, California Lutheran University is offering staff employees an elective furlough program. This program includes options that allow staff to request a reduction in their full-time equivalent (FTE) status or days worked on an unpaid basis. These staff options are completely elective.

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If you have any questions regarding the elective furlough program, please contact the Human Resources Department at

Work-From-Home Resources

General Employee FAQs

Are more staff members working onsite?

Yes. All vice presidents and deans are working with their units and divisions to ensure that offices on the Thousand Oaks campus and at the Oxnard Center open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The PLTS center will be open on Monday through Friday as well. Starting Nov. 2 in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard as part of our gradual reopening plan, half of an office's staff, including faculty members with administrative roles, will work onsite at a time. Brief in-person visits and counter transactions are allowed in offices.. Supervisors will be expected to work with their teams so that onsite staffing levels remain at a threshold needed to maintain physical distancing in any space. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all safety protocols required by CDC, state, county and city guidelines. Individual work arrangements and schedules will be approved by supervisors and the Cabinet member overseeing each division. Staff who work in closed buildings can continue to work from home until they reopen.

If your department has facility needs with respect to reopening, please submit work order here.

Is Cal Lutheran doing anything to address employees' individual needs in regard to planning for more people to work onsite?

We understand that some of our employees face barriers to returning to work at this time. Others desire to return to work as soon as permissible. This will not be a return to whatever used to be considered normal working circumstances for anyone. A gradual return to work during the fall months will take clarity, commitment, and generosity of spirit.

As we are working toward a gradual return to campus at 50% staffing levels in offices, it will be important for everyone to work with their supervisors regarding their weekly schedule. Schedules will need to be established on a rotating basis. Consideration will be given to how people enter and exit public space in offices following safety guidelines and the Community Compact.

If you have certification from your doctor saying that you can’t leave your home to return to work, please submit a doctor’s note to Roxanne Robinson in the HR Department at You will receive a notice of approval of your request from Roxanne within one week. She will connect with your supervisor so that they can be in contact with you.

If you have an extraordinary personal circumstance that you would like to be considered, please speak directly with your supervisor.

We realize that childcare and the changing educational delivery systems for K-12 is a challenge for many of our employees. We are looking into creating an online space where faculty and staff can share childcare resources. We’ll update you on this as soon as possible.

What changes will be made to support physical distancing?

All furnishings in common areas including dining facilities, Pearson Library and the Student Union have been reconfigured so that individuals are seated six feet apart. Six-foot markings are placed in front of counters and where lines tend to form. All workspaces will be configured so that workers are seated at least six feet apart. One-way paths will be marked through buildings, including stairwells.

What if I want to access my office?

To facilitate the reopening of offices, all staff and faculty members have regained card access to the buildings in which they work in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and Berkeley. Most buildings will remain locked to prevent outside visitors from entering, so card access will be required. We do anticipate a time in the future when more visitors are allowed on campus and buildings will be reopened.

Is the mailroom operating?

Mailroom staff bring mail to a main collection area or drop-off site in each building. The mailroom is open. You are asked to enter one person at a time.

What is the plan for the Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center?

In order to adhere to the strict physical-distancing and cleaning protocols that are required at this time, our preschool is limited to one-half of the licensed capacity. This would result in an operational deficit. The university cannot reopen the preschool until full occupancy can be resumed. We would like to reopen the FFECC in January if we can do so with the ability to meet safety guidelines and financial sustainability.

How should I submit requests for payment for university invoices if I am working from home?

View the Accounts Payable web page for RFP procedures.

How can meetings be held?

In-person meetings, including advising appointments, are now permissible outdoors with people sitting 6 feet apart. Everyone must wear face mask.. Some outside furniture is being brought back so that chairs will be available in shady spots around campus for such meetings.

A few meetings may be allowed  indoors if ventilation is appropriate and people can maintain physical distancing. Meetings in offices that are the regular workplaces of staff or faculty are discouraged. Please speak with Campus Services to determine the appropriateness of a space for an indoor mask-to-mask meeting.

Staff and faculty are still encouraged to hold meetings virtually if that format works well.

The following conditions apply to all indoor meetings:

  1. Meetings will be limited to 60 minutes.
  2. All meeting attendees must wear face masks.
  3. All meeting attendees must maintain a 6-foot separation.
  4. Meeting attendance will be limited to 25% of room capacity.
  5. The facilities department will provide information regarding room capacity if needed.

The following conditions apply to outdoor meetings:

  1. All meeting attendees must wear face masks.
  2. All meeting attendees must maintain a 6-foot separation.
  3. Meeting attendance will be limited to 28 individuals.

Since the Cal Lutheran Compact remains in effect, please be reminded of the following protocols. They will aid us all in taking careful and measured steps that are part of the phased-in reopening.

  • Complete the Daily Health Check before coming onsite each day.
  • Maintain a minimum of a 6-foot distance from others in both outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Wear a face mask in all public spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Gently remind anyone without one that face masks are required.
  • Wear a face mask in any indoor office, lobby, or common area where other people have access. If you are in a private office with a closed door, you may remove your face covering if you close your office door.
  • Report COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and test results to supervisors and