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Residence Halls

Sprin 2021 Housing

Due to high demand for Spring 2021 housing, we are now placing all students on a waitlist when they submit a housing application. Residence Life staff will contact students on the waitlist as space becomes available for next semester.

In order to foster a safe residential environment, Cal Lutheran has reduced our residential capacity throughout campus for the fall semester. We have committed to ensuring that there is only one student per bedroom and no more than three students sharing a suite bathroom throughout our residential communities. Our residential capacity will be as follows:

  • Grace Hall and Trinity Hall: three students per suite
  • Mogen Hall and Kramer Court: two students per suite
  • Old West, Pederson, Thompson and Mt. Clef: two students per suite

The New West complex and University Houses will not house any students for the Spring 2021 semester. Instead, these spaces will be held for quarantine or isolation spaces for students exposed to COVID-19. 

The deadline to apply for Spring 2021 housing is November 20, 2020. Students will be assigned to housing according to the date their housing application is submitted. 

Spring 2021 semester move-ins will be staggered, and students will receive a move-in date between January 15-19, 2021.

Housing Cancellation Requests

We understand that students and families have significant decisions to make regarding living on-campus.

If you know at this time that you would like to cancel your Spring 2021 housing assignment, please email by December 11, 2020. Cancellations after December 11, 2020 forfeit will the housing deposit.

Acceptable reasons for cancellation include:

  • You are graduating in December
  • You plan to transfer or withdraw from Cal Lutheran
  • You are not currently living on-campus for Fall 2020 and have changed your mind about Spring 2021 housing

Spring 2021 Housing FAQ's 

If I want to live on campus can I still choose my roommates?

If you have roommates in mind for the spring semester, please be sure to list them on your housing application. While we cannot guarantee you will be placed with the roommate(s) you requested, we will do our very best to place you in or nearby their suite.

What is the cost of housing for the Spring 2021 Semester?

Our housing costs can be found here

When will we know what our move in date is?

Spring 2021 semester move-ins will be staggered, and students will receive a move-in date between January 15-19, 2021. Students can expect to receive information about their assigned move-in date via email in late-December. 

Will I be placed in my room that I selected during suite selection?

We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in your same room but we will make every effort to put you with your desired roommates and in your desired room. 

Can I cancel my housing and meal plan?

If you qualify for housing cancellation based on the conditions listed above, you have until December 11, 2020 at 5pm to cancel your housing assignment for the spring semester. Meal plan assignments will automatically be cancelled along with your housing assignment. Cancellation requests should be emailed to