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Changes to Cal Lutheran COVID Protocol Effective March 12

Dear Cal Lutheran Community,
Based on numerous changes to federal, state, local, and Cal-OSHA COVID guidance, Cal Lutheran is updating institutional COVID protocol. Please know that the protocols delineated below are based both upon relaxed regulatory restrictions and guidelines and strong community conformance with Cal Lutheran vaccine policy.

Predominate guidance shaping these changes comes from the following:

The following protocols will be in effect on March 12, 2022.

Mandatory Regular Testing

Weekly testing for non-symptomatic unvaccinated and/or non-boosted members will no longer be required, except for unvaccinated individuals participating in NCAA athletics. Regarding athletics, athletes and coaches who are not fully vaccinated must continue to undergo COVID testing while in season as required by the most-recent NCAA guidance. Testing will continue to be administered by Cal Lutheran athletic training staff.

For all other individuals, adherence to a testing schedule and submission of results will no longer be monitored by either Academic Services (students) or supervisors (employees). 

A regular testing schedule for asymptomatic individuals who live with or who frequently interact with vulnerable populations is strongly recommended.

Testing for Symptomatic Individuals

Current policy remains intact. Regardless of vaccination status, immediate testing for individuals exhibiting COVID-related symptoms is required, and individuals with symptoms must not come to campus.

As noted on the KNOW page, anyone with symptoms can return to campus after a negative test, symptoms are improving, and no fever in the prior 24 hours.

Free testing is still readily accessible. Testing can be done outside Health Services or at State testing sites, or with government-supplied at-home tests., and students may continue to make an appointment for a rapid test at Health Services.

Quarantine and Isolation

Current university protocol regarding isolation and quarantine will remain in effect. Individuals who have been notified that they have been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID or individuals that have tested positive for COVID must continue to follow California Department of Public Health guidance. Briefly, all individuals who have tested positive for COVID must isolate in their homes (or isolation residence hall space), while individuals that have been exposed to an individual who tested positive may need to quarantine based on booster/vaccination status and symptoms.

Cal Lutheran requirements regarding isolation and quarantine have been posted on the KNOW site.

Individual Contact Tracing

Individual COVID-exposure contact tracing will no longer be provided by university officials. Still, individuals who have tested positive for COVID after being present on campus are required to report potential exposures on the KNOW site.

Workplace Exposure Notification

Employees that are exposed to COVID while on campus will continue to be notified of the exposure by Health Services. Notification will be sent via email within one business day of the known exposure.

Indoor Masking (Except Classrooms)

In all areas except classrooms, laboratories, and health services, indoor masking will be optional for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. All individuals are strongly encouraged to continue indoor masking, however, to mitigate on-going COVID risk.

As an expression of community care, all persons who choose to continue masking must be treated with respect. Neither supervisors, colleagues, nor classmates should ask why another person is choosing to wear a mask.

Indoor Masking: Classrooms, Studios, Labs, and all Dedicated Indoor Learning Spaces

Until further notice all individuals are required to wear well-fitted masks in dedicated indoor learning spaces (e.g., classrooms, laboratories, art studios, theater stage).

If an individual professor wants to teach in a non-masked classroom, however, they are required to conduct an anonymous classroom poll. If votes unanimously indicate that all present want to be unmasked, the professor can allow attendees to be unmasked.

Anonymous polls can be conducted through Blackboard (faculty will receive a separate email with instructions).

Outdoor Masking

Outdoor masking is optional for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.

Other COVID Protocols

Please note that the following Cal Lutheran COVID protocols remain in effect:

  • All members of the Cal Lutheran community must continue to complete the Daily Health Check.
  • Access to academic buildings will continue to be dependent upon completing the Daily Health Check.
  • Booster/Vaccine policies remain in effect.
  • Covidquestions@callutheran.edu remains staffed and ready to answer ongoing questions.
  • Operable classroom windows will be open at all times.
  • 3-ply disposable masks are available for all members of the campus community.
  • N-95 masks are available at Campus Safety for employees.

As referred to above, please contact covidquestions@callutheran.edu regarding any questions or comments regarding this message.

As has been the case throughout this pandemic we will monitor appropriate federal, state and county guidelines. We will make changes to this protocol if relevant guidelines suggest such changes are prudent.

Finally, please know that as we surpass two years of COVID policies (and continuing changes), that the Cal Lutheran community has had  remarkable success in maintaining a safe and healthy learning community. Much of this success is associated with the high level of compliance with the guidelines we have put in place and to the dedication of faculty staff, and administrators who have been creative, constructive, and flexible.

Thank you for pulling together for the common good. Our collective efforts have gone a long way in ensuring a continuity of learning and engagement. Let’s continue in this same direction as we make our way through the pandemic and enter the endemic that will last even longer.

Ryan Van Ommeren
Associate VP, Operations and Planning
Director, Emergency Operations Center