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Fall 2022 COVID Protocol

Dear Cal Lutheran Community,

The following is presented to provide information regarding Fall 2022 Cal Lutheran COVID protocols.

Please note that the changes reflect institutional response to CDC and Cal-OSHA guidance, and reflect continued caution with respect to high COVID transmission in the area.

Predominate guidance shaping this protocol comes from the following:


The following protocols will be in effect on August 22, 2022.  

Quarantine and Isolation – Current university protocol regarding isolation and quarantine will remain in effect. Individuals who have been notified that they have been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID or individuals that have tested positive for COVID must continue to follow California Department of Public Health guidance. Briefly, all individuals who have tested positive for COVID must isolate in their homes (or isolation residence hall space), for 5-10 days depending on a subsequent negative test, while individuals that have been exposed to an individual who tested positive need to quarantine in the event they exhibit symptoms. Cal Lutheran requirements regarding isolation and quarantine have been posted on the KNOW site.

Indoor Masking – Cal Lutheran staff, faculty, and students are currently strongly recommended to wear well-fitted masks in indoor spaces as per CDC guidance. According to California requirements, however, masking is required for all individuals within University Health Services.

Stocked mask distribution stations have been provided in all classroom buildings.

Vaccine Requirements – The current university vaccine policy can be viewed on the Know website. In sum, all traditional undergraduate students (commuters and on-campus residents) and graduate students who are living in on-campus housing are required to be up to date on COVID vaccinations well as various other immunizations.

Required immunizations as well as instructions for uploading immunization records are demonstrated on the Cal Lutheran Health Services website.

As of this writing, employees, graduate students, and professionals students who are not medically exempted are strongly encouraged to get their COVID vaccination and all CDC-recommended boosters. Vaccine requirements may change based on pandemic or vaccine developments.

Other COVID Protocols – Please also note the following continuing Cal Lutheran COVID protocols.

  • Organizers of a university event (meetings, gatherings, concerts, etc.) may require masks for their event.
  • Masks will be required indoors at the Cal Lutheran Faculty Retreat on August 24 and 25.
  • Masks will be required for the New Student Orientation President’s Welcome/Opening Convocation on August 26.
  • While we will no longer use the Daily Health Check for daily screening, it should still be used by all employees and students to report COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All individuals who have symptoms must complete the Daily Health Check, stay at home, and take a COVID test. Individuals may not return to campus without a negative COVID test.
  • All students may receive a COVID test at University Health Services.
  • All employees are encouraged to order free at home COVID testing kits.
  • All individuals who have tested positive for COVID after being present on campus are required to report potential exposures on the KNOW site.
  • As has been done in the past COVID years, all members of the CLU community will be required to commit to a Compact regarding Fall protocol.
  • N-95 masks are available at Campus Safety for employees.
  • Covidquestions@callutheran.edu remains staffed and ready to answer ongoing questions.


As referred to above, please contact covidquestions@callutheran.edu regarding any questions or comments regarding this message.

As has been stated in past messages, we will monitor appropriate federal, state and county guidelines and continue to make changes to this protocol if relevant guidelines suggest such changes are prudent.

Ryan Van Ommeren
Director, Emergency Operations Center
Associate VP, Operations and Planning