New Adjunct Employee Resources

New Adjunct Orientation - Tuesday, August 14, 5:30pm, Alumni 128

 How to get into the system once you have been hired as an adjunct:

1. Complete a background check. This is standard practice for all new employees. You will recieven an email from CLU-HireRight. Please complete this as soon as you receive it.

2. After you receive notification that your background check has cleared, you should receive an email, from California Lutheran University (Subject: Action Required - Adjunct New Hire Documents - California Lutheran University) letting you know that you have tasks to complete as part of the Adjunct New Hire Checklist. Please complete these forms as soon as you can.

3. Once you have completed the forms online, you’ll need to bring the appropriate ID for your I-9 on a follow-up visit. You’ll bring your ID(s) to Human Resources (found on campus map:!m/191656). They are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm (closed on Thursdays from 11:15-12:15 for Chapel Hour).