Guidelines for Committee Chairs

  • At the beginning of the semester, the Chair contacts all committee members requesting available and preferred times to schedule meetings.
  • Consensus on minute taking should occur at the first meeting.
  • Notice of meetings and a request for agenda items is sent to members at least 1 week before each meeting.
  • An agenda is sent to members prior to each meeting.
  • Thursdays from 11:15am -12:15pm is to be reserved for Chapel. No meetings should be regularly scheduled at this time.
  • Minutes from the meeting are approved at the subsequent meeting. Once approved, a copy of the minutes are emailed to Academic Affairs ( and to the FEC Chair.
  • Schedule to accommodate as many members as possible, but try not to let full attendance get in the way of getting things done. Many committees are deliberately overstaffed, making full attendance harder to get (and allowing you more flexibility to meet with a substantive group)
  • Recognize that some of your members may be remote (either by appointment or due to temporary travel) – conference calls can enable their input
  • Additional Information for Conducting Meetings and Managing Multi-Location Meetings
  • If a committee requires an additional member, or if there is a change of membership needed, the committee chairperson should contact the chair of FEC, who will bring the matter to the Faculty Executive Committee.
  • Student members of committees should be arranged as indicated in the Faculty Handbook (where applicable), or selected by committee members. Once the student members are chosen, their names should be given to the chair of FEC.
  • “Advisory” members do not have voting privileges in committee decisions, but “ex-officio” members do have voting privileges.
  • Committee responsibilities are listed in the Faculty Handbook. At the beginning of each academic year, committees set specific objectives and deadlines, which are sent to the chair of the FEC.
  • In April, each committee reviews its objectives and provides a year-end report to the chair of the FEC.
  • Any business of the committee that needs to be reported to the faculty as a whole should be brought to the attention of the chair of FEC, and will then be reviewed by the Faculty Executive Committee in preparing the agenda for the next faculty meeting.
  • Any questions, concerns, or suggestions related to committees should be addressed to the chair of FEC, who is responsible for overseeing all committees.