Provost Distinguished Scholar Nomination


To further the building of a community of scholars at California Lutheran University, each year the Provost will grant awards to CLU faculty members who have demonstrated significant achievement in research or creative work. Two awards (one undergraduate faculty and one graduate faculty) will be distributed annually.  Ideally, these recipients also will have made an effort to integrate research and/or creative work into teaching, service, and/or community involvement. The award includes a $1500 cash prize.

Eligibility and Criteria

All full-time faculty members who have taught at CLU for at least 6 years are eligible to be nominated for this award.

  • Demonstrates scholarly/creative excellence through discipline-specific evidence (e.g. peer-reviewed publications, presentations, performances, or exhibits) during the previous three years.
  • Integrates research/creative work with teaching and/or community engagement
  • Involves students in the research process
  • Disseminates research or creative work to a wider public
  • Attains grants pertaining to external research and/or creative work

Nomination and Selection Process

Nominations can be made by faculty colleagues, department chairs, and; self-nominations are also welcome. Nomination materials should include:

  • brief and clear responses to the prompts on the Nominee Form
  • a current, detailed CV.

All nominations will be submitted to the Division Coordinators (College of Arts and Sciences) or Dean (Schools of Psychology, PLTS, Education, and Management) by Feb 23, 2018.  Division Coordinators, Deans, and the Director for the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals will review applications and recommend one recipient from each division/school to receive the award. Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals faculty may be nominated through the College and the School of Management.  Recommendations, along with supporting documents, will be forwarded to FADC and the Provost on or before March 30, 2018 for final decision.

In making recommendations to the Provost, FADC will consider accomplishments primarily from the previous three calendar years. Additionally, any contracted work forthcoming during the remainder of the current academic year will also be considered.

This cash award is provided in addition to any other monies awarded.

Recipients of the Provost Distinguished Scholars Award must wait for three years from the date of their award to be considered.

Recipient Recognition

All recommended faculty and final award recipients will be formally recognized at the Faculty Retreat (August).  As well, each recipient may be asked to provide a research/creative work presentation at the retreat.

Questions about this nomination process can be directed to the FADC Chair (

Nominate a Faculty Member
Nomination Form Directions
  • To nominate an eligible faculty member for the Provost Distinguished Scholar Award (see eligible criteria), please complete this form
  • If you are self-nominating, please nominate complete this form and the Nominee Form
  • Nominations must be submitted by February 23, 2018
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Questions about this nomination process can be directed to the FADC Chair (

For Nominees
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Questions about this nomination process can be directed to the FADC Chair (