Please look through our recommended software options for use on and off campus.



Lecture Recording

A new option for recording lectures, you can help us pilot! Control the size of your recording area, placement and size of your webcam footage and annotate on your screen. This software also provides mechanical AI captioning free of charge to help make your content compliant.

Visit the VidGrid Page on our website for more details.

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Video Conferencing Platform

For all your off campus conferencing needs, Zoom will provide you the option to meet with students, faculty, and staff all the while allowing you to record. All faculty have a standard license free of charge that will allow up to 100 people and has a cap of 40 minutes, but can be upgraded to a Pro license if needed. Pro licenses allow for recordings up to 24 hours and cloud hosting.

Please contact Helpdesk to get a Pro license.

Visit the Zoom Page on our website for more details.

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Article Collaboration

Order and assign textbooks, articles, or your PDFs in Perusall. Students annotate the readings and asynchronously respond to each other's comments and questions about the readings in context. With novel data analytics, Perusall automatically generates optimal student groupings and social interactions, grades students' engagement to ensure they are prepared for class, and nudges those who need help to keep everyone on track.

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