Frequently Asked Questions

Bed Boards

To request a bed board or have one removed please call at ext. 3215 or use our Work Order Request Form.

Bed Pegs

For bed pegs please call Res Life at ext. 3220


Facilities provides the following services free of charge for general building maintenance and repair:

  • Carpentry (repair doors, windows, ceilings etc.)
  • Cart preparation for rental
  • Electrical
  • Heating and cooling
  • Housekeeping
  • Installation of name and door plates
  • Locksmithing
  • Pest Control
  • Pick up and delivery of furniture or boxes
  • Plus other miscellaneous services

Special Requests:  Examples of special requests would be the installation of new lights, outlets or shelving.  There will be no cost involved if the client can wait for us to fit the request into our work schedule.  However, if we cannot meet the client’s deadline, we would charge the client the cost of hiring an outside vendor.

Departments will be charged for the following services:

  • Purchase of name and door plates
  • Departmental furniture purchases
  • Departmental cart repair
  • Departmental remodels and other special projects

Please feel free to call Work Control at ext. 3215 for chargeback questions not covered here.


The Energy Management System, which our heating and air conditioning is managed by, controls approximately 85% of the buildings on campus. The system regulates the temperature, which is set to maintain (within 1 degree) a setting between 69 and 73 degrees. If you are experiencing air conditioning or heating problems please call the Work Control Desk for immediate assistance with your problem. If you require air conditioning or heating for an event which occurs outside normal working hours please call Event Services to schedule the use of the facility and/or confirmation that air or heating will be on.

Key Requests

To ensure the safety and security of students, employees and buildings, we are required to follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Key requests should be submitted by a designated department representative by email using our Key Request Form.
  2. The request must include the name of the person that they key will be assigned to and the name of the department head approving the request. The department head will receive a copy of the work order requesting the key.
  3. Keys are issued directly to the person that the key is assigned. Keys may be picked up at the Facilities office between 8:15 am to 5:00 pm in the Facilities office.
  4. Keys must be picked up no later than 14 days after pickup e-mail notice is sent. Keys that are not picked up after 14 days will be returned to stock and the designated requestor will need to resubmit another key request form.
  5. Do not distribute keys internally. Transference of keys must be approved by the department head and submitted through our normal key request process.
  6. All keys must be returned to Facilities upon transferring to another department, leaving the university or when the key/keys are no longer necessary to perform the duties required by your position.

Pest Control

Pest control is provided by an outside contractor. Terminix is on campus every Thursday morning from 10:00 am to Noon to address pest problems and provide preventative maintenance which includes baiting traps for rodents and spraying building interiors for insects. We do not provide bug spray to residents, but we will send our trades workers to respond as quickly as possible. Bug spray may be purchased by the residents from several local retailers.

Scheduling Terminix for your dorm room or office
  1. Submit a work order requesting Terminix Service.
  2. Prepare room by moving items (except furniture) off the floor and away from baseboards.
  3. Vacate room on scheduled Thursday from10:00 am to 1:00 pm

In order to be scheduled you must confirm by email or phone that you will have the room vacant during the time noted and prepared according to specifications above. Please be aware that if the room is not prepared or vacant we cannot proceed with the spraying.

Spraying the rooms will not have any effect on getting rid of ants unless all food wrappers, containers, soda cans, etc. are disposed of immediately after you use them. Crumbs and food sitting out will only bait the ants, regardless of how much we spray. Food is the biggest reason that ants come into the rooms and addressing that issue is the most effective way to eliminate the ants.

Tips to assist in eliminating insects and rodents from entering your living space
  • Keep all food in air-tight packaging
  • Keep a clean living and sleeping area
  • Empty your trash regularly
  • Keep water off the floor and the counter tops
  • Keep your door shut and screens on your window