Work Orders

Web TMA Work Order System

California Lutheran University uses TMA web-based Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to process service requests. 

For emergency and urgent requests please call the Work Control Desk at ext. 3215 between 8:15 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Call Campus Safety& Security at ext. 9911 or your Resident Assistant after hours.

Note: Use the Key Request Form to order keys.

For all non-emergency requests please login to Web TMA and submit your request.  You will receive ongoing email notifications of status changes, i.e., (accepted, pending, completed or rejected.).  If your request is rejected, you will receive a detailed reason why the service will not be provided.

The urgency of the request dictates the turn-around time of all work orders.  Situations that are hazardous to buildings and occupants will receive immediate attention.  Otherwise, requests will be handled on a first-come first- serve basis with priority given to toilet/ mainline clogs, power outages, broken glass and most HVAC problems. 

In addition, individual training for the WebTMA system is available by contacting Work Control at ext. 3215.

Submit a work order

Login Information
Student Login Faculty and Staff
Login: your room number
Password: your room number
Login: Call Facilities at ext. 3215
Password: your mail code
Departmental Procedures Regarding Work Orders Requests

Many departments have a procedures regarding who is authorized to submit work orders for their department. Please contact the Administration Assistant for your department to review your department procedure. This information will be posted on our site in the near future.

Chargeback Information

Facilities provides routine repair and maintenance for all buildings and landscapes on campus at no cost to the respective department. Costs will be charged to departments for the following services:

  • Departmental vehicle and cart repair
  • Departmental purchase furniture repairs
  • Departmental name plates and door plates
  • Departmental remodel requests

If your request falls within one of the categories mentioned above, please provide the account number when submitting a work order.