Student Housing

Living on campus as a graduate or adult student at California Lutheran University means immersing yourself in an intellectual community committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. This is a residential campus where students and professors regularly interact both in and out of the classroom, and graduate and adult housing offers the opportunity to maximize this academic interaction.

California Lutheran University students live in residence halls that are widely acknowledged as some of the nicest in the Southern California region. It's easy to settle in and get comfortable with life at Cal Lutheran. Come take a look for yourself.


Grace HallWorking towards a degree — advance or otherwise — is a pursuit that draws the most committed, those driven to seek knowledge and insight. It is for exactly this reason that our student housing provides such an important service — giving students the chance to immerse themselves in this vibrant atmosphere of ideas and exploration.

Here, professors and students come together throughout the day to share knowledge. Living on campus allows graduate and adult students to make the most of this scholarly opportunity, forming friendships and contacts that will last throughout their careers.


Mogen HallOur residence halls are all within easy walking distance of classes, labs, academic departments, recreational facilities, the library, health services, and other campus offices. Students who live on campus find themselves just minutes from the multitude of resources that we have to offer.

With a home base in one of the graduate/adult student suites, scholars can focus on what is most important — exploring the academic subjects they love.


Residence HallWith the average cost of a one bedroom apartment in the region topping $1,600 per month and climbing, the cost of living in a residence hall on campus is significantly less expensive than many options in the area. In addition, residents save on the cost of utilities, high speed internet, and cable television.

By foregoing commuting, students living on campus also save in gasoline and auto upkeep, make a smaller environmental impact, and have additional time to use our extensive sports facilities thereby saving on expensive off-campus gym memberships.

Perhaps the greatest financial saving comes from saving time. Time spent in traffic or dealing with the hassles of apartment-living is time not spent working towards one's career and academic goals.

The Value of Living on Campus
Internet $45/month $0 - included
Cable (basic) $55/month $0 - included
Local Phone $45/month $0 - included
Gym Membership $40/month $0 - included
Electricity $40-60/month $0 - included
Gas $20-40/month $0 - included

Total Additional Savings from living On-Campus: $245-285/month