Vision, Mission, & Values


To be the recognized leaders in innovating post-traditional education


The mission of the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals is to serve, guide, and support post-traditional learners as they pursue a high-quality education and persist to degree completion. 

We are committed to helping students explore their purpose by promoting a culture of life-long learning.

Moreover, we strive to create a meaningful experience that will leave a lasting imprint on the lives of our students and their communities.


In the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals, we are:

  • Dedicated to exceptional service by being accessible and responsive to the evolving needs of our students
  • Understanding and respectful of the unique experiences of our students
  • Passionate about building an inclusive community and establishing connections between students, faculty, and staff, both inside and outside the classroom


  • The Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program will assess and improve student success and retention. Creating and maintaining a sense of belonging and a pathway to achievement is vital to ensure students feel supported throughout their academic journey and persist to degree completion. 
  • The Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program will monitor and advance DEIJ(B) efforts.  Our students, and community, greatly benefit from empathic engagement with diversity and an actionable understanding of the different needs, contexts, and strengths of individual learners.
  • The Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program will increase visibility and support of our program and students. Our program is one that foregrounds the unique needs of post-traditional students and we aim to ensure that those needs are acknowledged, served, and esteemed across campus and our local communities.