Accounting and Financial Analysis

The accountant of today is a communicator of what data means and how it can be used to make decisions for the business enterprise. This program provides a careful balance of accounting practice and theory and prepares students for careers in accounting forms or corporate accounting functions.

business management
Business Management

Getting a degree in Business Management not only provides career opportunities, but also develops specific skills. You'll learn how to combine efficiency and ethics when making decisions, how to lead and motivate others, how to communicate effectively, work in groups, as well as how to plan, design and budget business activities.

computer science
Criminology and Justice Studies

Today’s careers in criminal justice seek individuals who have a greater understanding of human behavior and social institutions. They also seek employees who have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system, causes of criminal behavior, and crime’s impact on society.

organizational leadership
Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership major is a dynamic interdisciplinary bachelor's degree that creates effective and proactive leaders by developing interpersonal, communication, organizational, and critical thinking skills.

organizational leadership
Psychological and Behavioral Science

Pursuing a degree in psychological and behavioral science helps students develop a deeper understanding of their own and other people’s mental processes. With it, one may pursue a graduate degree along with a wide variety of careers in counseling, education, social work, industry, research, and others.

computer information systems
Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication major offers a broad array of mass communication courses addressing areas including mass media history, media writing, strategic communication campaigns, and media theories.