The accounting curriculum provides a careful balance of accounting practice and theory. A bachelor’s degree in accounting prepares students for a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), employment in private industry, nonprofit organizations, higher education, or government agencies. 

business management
Business Management

At Cal Lutheran, your degree in Business Management will consist of a strong liberal arts based, core managerial program comprised of courses in accounting, business law, finance, organizational behavior, computer information systems, marketing and strategic management.

computer science
Criminology & Criminal Justice

You will develop the knowledge, skills, and ethical training that are essential for pursuing a career in law enforcement, corrections, the courts, probation and parole, or a variety of social service agencies. You will also be well prepared for graduate studies in law, criminology, or public policy and administration.

organizational leadership
Organizational Leadership

Through an intentional and creative blend of theory and evaluation of application, students develop supervision and leadership skills required in organizations such as non-profit agencies, large and small business settings, government agencies, and professional and social services. Graduates possess the leadership skills many employers value — effective communication, critical thinking, collaborative team building, and complex leadership problem solving.

organizational leadership

As a Psychology major you will apply psychological theories and principles to investigate and solve current interpersonal, personal, and societal based problems. A bachelor’s degree in Psychology provides students with an expansive perspective of the field of psychology and its relevance in an increasingly diverse and globally engaging society.

computer information systems
Strategic Communication

Communication skills are essential in every professional career. Part of what makes communication a popular college major is career flexibility. The Strategic Communication major offers a broad array of mass communication courses addressing areas including mass media history, media writing, strategic communication campaigns, and media theories.