Virtual Festival of Scholars

April 27 – May 1, 2020

Provost's Recognition of Authors and Grant Recipients

Recognition of faculty and staff for published work and grant awards. 

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Grants & Contracts
  • Rose Aslan - from the American Religious Sounds Project at Ohio State University for creating a multimedia project documenting the sounds of Islam; and from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Religion for a fellowship for early career religion professors.
  • Brian Collins – from Pomona College’s Arnold L. Graves and Lois S. Graves Award, which will be used for the Summer Philosophy Institute for high school students.
  • Cynthia Duarte, Matthew Ward and Kelly Owens – from Americorps for the Civic Action Fellows program.
  • Matthew Fienup and Dan Hamilton – from AgriBank to provide the U.S. Quarterly Economic Forecast; from the Southern California Association of Governments to serve as on-call economic advisors for Ventura County; from CoBank and The Nature Conservancy to support the Fox Canyon Water Market; and from the Latino Donors Collaborative to provide the Latino GDP Report.
  • Sergio Galvez – from Edison International Foundation for STEM support and scholarships for Upward Bound students.
  • Rick Holigrocki and Ekta Kumar – from California Community Foundation and the Foundation of Ventura County Credit Union for counseling related to the Woolsey Fire; and from the National Alliance on Mental Illness to provide counseling for those referred from ELCA churches.
  • Dena Jenson – from the Amgen Foundation for the Nonprofit Resiliency Institute.
  • Cindy Keitel and Michaela Reaves – from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation for a history lecture series for the community.
  • Cindy Lewis – from Bank of America and Limoneira for the 4 A Cause Nonprofit Internship Program.
  • Delil Martinez – from the Council for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics for an academic-year research group for undergraduates.
  • Scott Maxwell-Doherty – from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for coordination of the Western States Youth Gathering.
  • Jessica Lavariega Monforti – from the National Science Foundation through a subaward from University of Texas to evaluate science educational outreach to Hispanic students and families in Rio Grande Valley.
Book Authors & Editors
  • Trudy ArriagaLeading While Female
  • Chia-Li ChienEnhancing retirement success rates in the United States: leveraging reverse mortgages, delaying social security, and exploring continuous work
  • Michael CosenzaA Pathway to PDS Partnership: Using the PDSEA Protocol
  • Fogg, JuliaFinding Jesus at the Border: Opening Our Hearts to the Stories of Our Immigrant Neighbors
  • Cynthia JewEquity Partnerships - A Culturally Proficient Guide to Family, School, and Community Engagement
  • Edlyn PenaCommunication Alternatives in Autism: Perspectives on Typing and Spelling Approaches for the Nonspeaking
  • Sheridan WiggintonUnmastering the Script: Education, Critical Race Theory, and the Struggle to Reconcile the Haitian Other in Dominican Identity