The Student Union

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Meeting Rooms

If you’re looking for a space to have a student organization meeting or event, or to get together with friends or classmates to work on a project, there are a variety of rooms of different sizes that you can book through Campus Services online.

Building Services
  • Phone Chargers
  • Vending machines
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Kitchen with a fridge to store your lunch
  • Lockers for Commuter Students
  • Printer (thanks ASCLUG!)
  • Music and TVs
Games & More

We have a ton of things for your enjoyment, here in the Student Union:

  • Xbox and Wii
  • Foosball and Shuffleboard
  • Movies
  • Board Games, Card Games, etc.

See our library of video games, movies, board games and more.

Other Offices

Many services are located in the Student Union building, including :