Associated Students California Lutheran University Government

Former Cabinets

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2021 - 2022 Executive Cabinet

President: Josh Gatison 
Senate Director: David Bryant
Programs Board Director: Nikki Howell
Finance Director: Mike Zielinski
Relations Director: Austin Ziehl
Advisor: Andrea Layne/Megan Fischer



2020 - 2021 Executive Cabinet

President: Josh Gatison 
Senate Director: Garrett James Wyatt
Programs Board Director: Alyssa Frausto
Finance Director: Noah Camcam
Relations Director: Taylor Brown
Advisor: Jaime Faucher



2019 - 2020 Executive Cabinet

President: John Basmajian 
Senate Director: Kimberly Ann Lee
Programs Board Director: Chelsea Dunmire
Finance Director: Adam Silverman
Relations Director: Hannah Nandor
Advisor: Jaime Faucher



2018 - 2019 Executive Cabinet

President: Alexis Ghattas 
Senate Director: Kimberly Ann Lee
Programs Board Director: Heather Wilson-Hooker
Finance Director: Nia Velez
Relations Director: Amanda Souza
Advisor: Andrea Treptow




2017 - 2018 Executive Cabinet

President: Nick Steinwender
Senate Director: Daniel Buonauro
Programs Board Director: Samantha Schindler
Controller: Angela Cuzic
Executive Recorder: Kimi Mehl
Advisor: Andrea Treptow

(Cuzic, Schindler, Steinwender, Buonauro, Mehl, and Treptow)



2016 - 2017 Executive Cabinet

President: Daniel Lacey
Senate Director: Brittney Martinez
Programs Board Director: Andres Elvira
Controller: Kenneth Wang
Executive Recorder: Christina Sharkey
Advisor: Andrea Treptow

(Treptow, Elvira, Martinez, Sharkey, Lacey, and Wang)



2015 - 2016 Executive Cabinet

President: Evan Carthen
Senate Director: Daniel Lacey
Programs Board Director: Amber Trujillo
Controller: Christine Trunick
Executive Recorder: Kiana Parker
Advisor: Andrea Treptow

(Carthen, Trunick, Treptow, Parker, Trujillo, and Lacey)



2014 - 2015 Executive Cabinet

President: Alexandria Ruggles
Senate Director: Ryan Fleming
Programs Board Director: Evan Carthen
Controller: Ricky Hegner
Executive Recorder: Natalie Kalamdaryan
Advisor: Andrea Treptow/Elizabeth Manuel

(Ruggles, Kalamdaryan, Fleming, Hegner, and Carthen)



2013 - 2014 Executive Cabinet

President: Andre Andoyan
Senate Director: Maxi Jones
Programs Board Director: Katy Crabtree
Controller: Beau Pellowski
Executive Recorder: Jae Park
Advisor: Elizabeth Manuel

(Andoyan, Manuel, Jones, Crabtree, Pellowski, and Park)



2012 - 2013 Executive Cabinet

President: Rebecca Cardone
Senate Director: Andre Andoyan
Programs Board Director: Shakivla Todd
Controller: Shannon Clarke
Executive Recorder: Lindsay Bowden
Advisor: Amanda Namba

(Namba, Todd, Cardone, Bowden, Andoyan, and Clarke)



2011 - 2012 Executive Cabinet

President: Jesse McClain
Senate Director: Sierra Ronning
Programs Board Director: Amanda Arroyo
Controller: Anne Zimmerman
Executive Recorder: Amy Atkinson
Advisor: Amanda Namba

(Namba, Arroyo, McClain, Atkinson, Zimmerman, and Ronning)



2010 - 2011 Executive Cabinet

President: Evan Clark
Senate Director: Daniel Pell
Programs Board Director: Ryan Strand
Controller: Chelsea Williams
Executive Recorder: Katie Bode
Advisor: Sally Lorentson

(Clark, Bode, Pell, Williams, Strand, and Lorentson)



2009 - 2010 Executive Cabinet

President: ReShai LaShawn
Senate Director: 
Programs Board Director: Ryan Strand
Controller: Chelsea Williams
Executive Recorder: 
Advisor: Sally Lorentson

(Williams, Lorentson, LaShawn, Berry, Byrd, and Strand)

2008 - 2009 Executive Cabinet

President: Andrew Brown
Controller: Kyle Hitch

2003 - 2004 Executive Cabinet

Controller: Kristen Mathre

1993 - 1994 Executive Cabinet

President: J. Aschbrenner
 C. Anderson
Recorder: C. Spafford

1992 - 1993 Executive Cabinet

Controller: Kirsten Nicholson

1991 - 1992 Executive Cabinet

Controller: Karl Swanson

1987 - 1988 Executive Cabinet

Controller: Kristen Swanson

1984 - 1985 Executive Cabinet

President: Owen Nostrant

1983 - 1984 Executive Cabinet

President: Chuck Walker
President: Edward Norick

1982 - 1983 Executive Cabinet

President: Caleb Harms

1981 - 1982 Executive Cabinet

President: Steve Smith

1980 - 1981 Executive Cabinet

President: Lois Leslie

1979 - 1980 Executive Cabinet

President: Jim Kunau

1978 - 1979 Executive Cabinet

President: Scott Solberg

1977 - 1978 Executive Cabinet

President: Craig Kinzer

1976 - 1977 Executive Cabinet

President: Brian Webber
Controller: Dawn Dugall

1975 - 1976 Executive Cabinet

President: Alan White

1974 - 1975 Executive Cabinet

President: Ray Habel

1973 - 1974 Executive Cabinet

President: Dan Ramsey
Controller: Larry Baca

1972 - 1973 Executive Cabinet

President: Barry Ybarra

1971 - 1972 Executive Cabinet

President: Rich Doerrer

1970 - 1971 Executive Cabinet

Co-President: Dennis Tobin
Co-President: Will Hall
Co-President: Dick DeMars

1969 - 1970 Executive Cabinet

President: Phil Reitan

1968 - 1969 Executive Cabinet

President: James Ware

1967 - 1968 Executive Cabinet

President: Ronald Zurek

1966 - 1967 Executive Cabinet

President: Dave Andersen

1965 - 1966 Executive Cabinet

President: Jim Bessey

1964 - 1965 Executive Cabinet

President: George Engdahl

1963 - 1964 Executive Cabinet

President: Jack Ericson

1962 - 1963 Executive Cabinet

President: Don Meyer

1961 - 1962 Executive Cabinet

President: Paul Carlson