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The Career Ambassador Program is a peer-established and peer-run program focused on connecting students and alumni within a career development community. Career Ambassadors coordinate outreach efforts to inform students and alumni of the resources offered by Career Services and provide a system of peer support to help students manage their careers successfully.

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Channa Carter


Hi, my name is Channa Carter and I am a Sociology Major with a Minor in Communication. One day, it is my dream to achieve my Master’s Degree in Sociology. With this degree, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations, because I love shining people in their best light. I also enjoy the social justice aspects of sociology and creating positive community and governmental change.

To achieve all my dreams, I chose CLU to be my higher education stepping stone. CLU is a great campus with a family-oriented environment and support faculty that have helped me through difficult classes. Now that I am in my last year at CLU, I can truly say I love my university and I wouldn’t want to graduate from anywhere else.

Lastly, a fun fact about me is that I love to eat a traditional Mexican food called ”Chicken and Molé”.