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The Career Ambassador Program is a peer-established and peer-run program focused on connecting students and alumni within a career development community. Career Ambassadors coordinate outreach efforts to inform students and alumni of the resources offered by Career Services and provide a system of peer support to help students manage their careers successfully.

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Leah Marty


Currently, I am in my second year at CLU and am a double major in Environmental Science and Political Science. After graduating, I plan to attend grad school and eventually go on to work with developing more sustainable environmental policy. Growing up in a small farming community showed me the importance of our environment and the significance of protecting it. I hope to be able to use both of my majors together to create environmental legislation that conserves this planet we call home and promotes a better future.

In my free time, you can usually find me on the beach or in a hammock listening to a podcast. I love to hike, garden, and travel. No matter if I’m in the rainy highlands of Scotland or the sunny tropics of Nicaragua, I always enjoy trying local food and learning about the ecosystem of the places I go.