Career Services

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Student Assistants

Sarah Gonzalez '21

Major/Minor/Emphasis:Marketing & Communication, Minor in Theatre Arts

Career Interests: Social Media Manager and/or Marketing Manager for an Entertainment, Arts, Broadway, Beauty or Fashion Company. 

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: Not only do I get to be involved on campus but I get to help students with their career goals and to work in an environment that is geared towards every individual’s success. 

Favorite thing about CLU: The tight knit community where no matter where you go you’ll always see a familiar face and it makes you feel as if your home.


Alex Steinhauer '21

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Communications w/ Emphasis in Advertising/Public Relations 

Career Interests: Advertising and Graphic Design

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: The friendly work environment. 

Favorite thing about CLU: The beautiful campus and close community. 

Victoria Karr '21

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Communications with an emphasis in Film & Television

Career Interests: Film/TV Actor, Singer, Screenwriter/Producer

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: My coworkers!

Favorite thing about CLU: The Theatre Department.

Caity Krone '20

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Psychology with Emphasis in family and child development

Career Interests: Counseling, possibly MFT

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: Learning about all the job opportunities there are available to the various major

Favorite thing about CLU: I love how accessible everything is, it's so easy to get guidance whether it is what classes are best to take or planning for after graduation.

Mayra Flores '21

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Psychology Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

Career Interests: Starting my own makeup business/line

Favorite thing about working at Career Services:The counselors are all very friendly and welcoming, and I am getting such great experience and help by working at Career Services. I also really like the open and friendly atmosphere, and getting to know my coworkers!

Favorite thing about CLU: CLU made me feel really welcomed, and continues to make me feel comfortable. My professors are all great and very nice, and I have made a couple of really good friends here!

Bladimir Flores '22

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Accounting

Career Interests: Accountant in sports related business

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: Creating work relationships and building relationships

Favorite thing about CLU: Class size 

Elizabeth Riker '22

Major/Minor/Emphasis: Accounting

Career Interests: Working with non-profits

Favorite thing about working at Career Services: I enjoy working with so many amazing and helpful people

Favorite thing about CLU:The great friends I have made thus far