Services and Resources for Clubs

Club Administration

Creating & Managing Clubs

Cambria Teter, Coordinator for Student Involvement: 

Financial Information & Forms

Mariela Gutierrez, Clubs and Orgs Accountant:

Office Hours

Cambria: Tuesdays 9:00AM - 11:00AM or by appointment

Accounting Intern: Monday & Wednesday 9:00AM - 12:45PM and 2:15PM - 3:45PM, Fridays 9:00AM - 12:45PM

Campus Services

Book an Event or Venue

Event Services, call (805) 493-3195 or visit

Book or Borrow Media Equipment

Media Services, call (805) 493-3820 or visit to submit a request.

University Printing Services

Printing Services, call (805) 493-3190 or to submit an order.

Alternative Marketing  

Clubs and Academic Departments can request permission to market their programs and events in alternative ways (i.e. September 11th American flag display, signage on stakes along Regals Way or in Kingsmen Park, and/or posting signs/displays in alternative locations, etc.). Would you like to request permission for alternative marketing? Please submit your request two weeks before the date of your alternative marketing project by completing this form:



Cambria Teter, Coordinator for Student Involvement: