Find part-time employment on campus

Employment Eligibility

Who is eligible? Current Cal Lutheran students who are enrolled in the Undergraduate program, Bachelors Degree for Professionals, or Graduate degree-seeking program and have established employment eligibility to work in the U.S. will be eligible for student employment. Only students at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary are eligible for positions marked “PLTS.”

Getting Hired On-Campus

All on-campus positions are posted online at Please follow the directions below to apply, interview and establish your eligibility to work in the United States. 

Step One: Search for Open Positions

Step Two: Apply for Open Positions

  • Follow the directions on this HANDOUT to apply for open positions. Once you see a position that is appealing, apply ASAP! 

Step Three: Interview for positions

  • For interview tips, check out the Career Services website
  • Make sure to send a follow-up thank you email within 24hrs of your interview

Step Four: Get the job offer!

Congratulations! Follow these steps to begin the hiiring process (download them HERE

1. Complete all necessary hiring paperwork, starting with the Personnel Form at this LINK

2. Download the I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit Forms HERE (start completing them)

3. Once you get an email from stating that your employment supervisor has signed off, bring your completed I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit Forms to the Career Services Office

     - Make sure to bring with your your original I-9 Verification Documents (ie. US Passport, or Photo ID and Social        Security Card). See page three of the I-9 for more examples. 

International/Foreign Born Students: Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS for employment hiring


*Per the Department of Homeland Security regulations, we must verify the original identification document. Copies and/or faxed copies not accepted. PLTS students are to bring their documents to the PLTS Business Office.

Step Five: Wait to begin working

Once all forms have been submitted, please wait to begin working until you have received final approval from the Student Employment Office. This approval will come from Both you and your supervisor will receive the final approval message.