Student Employment

Find part-time employment on campus

Employment Eligibility

Who is eligible? Current Cal Lutheran students who are enrolled in the Undergraduate program, Bachelors Degree for Professionals, or Graduate program and have established employment eligibility to work in the U.S. will be eligible for student employment. Only students at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary are eligible for positions marked “PLTS.”

In order to establish employment eligibility, students will be required to show the following documentation before they will be authorized to begin working in an on-campus job at Cal Lutheran (found on the Forms page):

Step One: Submit a Student Employment Personnel Action Form

Step Two: Bring the following completed forms to the Career Services Office with your I-9 Verification Documents (listed on the Form I-9)

*Per the Department of Homeland Security regulations, we must verify the original identification document. Copies and/or faxed copies not accepted. PLTS students are to bring their documents to the PLTS Business Office.

Current Graduate students have the option to participate in academic related Graduate Assistantships or Campus Work Study.