Class Descriptions


A vinyasa flow yoga class that incorporates "sun salutations" with balance/strengthening poses, deeply held stretches, and breath techniques to give the body and mind a full workout.

A hatha yoga class that focuses on warming up the body, then moving into more "yin" style poses. These poses are held longer to gently go deeper into a pose using gravity and relaxation to not only stretch the muscles, but to gently stretch and activate the joints in order to increase mobility and range of motion.

About the Instructor
Lisa Wildermuth

I enjoy watching students in my class feel a sense of confidence in their abilities and see/feel changes in themselves over time.  My hope is for class participants to feel a greater sense of equilibrium between body and mind when they leave yoga class, for when we are more balanced, we make better choices for ourselves and enhance our relationships with those around us.


Zumba Fitness is exhilarating, easy-to-follow dance-fitness workout with a Latin/World flare. Incorporating interval training with high-energy music and dances like Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Bollywood, Zumba provides an excellent cardio workout that is both fun and effective (potential caloric burn: 600-1000 calories in one session) No dance experience necessary-just a willingness to sweat and have a great time!

About the Instructors
Stacy Gross

A Cal Lutheran Alumni and licensed Zumba®, Zumba Gold® and Zumba Sentao® Instructor, Stacy has a combined 20+ years of experience in dance, fitness and the performing arts. With a passion for empowering and uplifting others, Stacy brings a contagious joy and energy to each class.


Christina Tierney

A double alum of CLU, as well as a current staff member, Christina attended Zumba classes with Stacy, who inspired her to become an instructor! She has been teaching for over 2 years, after being a Zumba student for 8. She hopes that students who join her class have fun, get a good workout, and leave with a more positive energy than when they started! No previous dance or Zumba experience required.