30-Day Trial Membership

The Forrest Fitness Center 30-Day Trial Membership is a ONE-TIME purchase for members of the surrounding community with the intention of purchasing an annual FFC Membership once the trial has expired. This temporary membership will expire 30 days after initial activation. 


To obtain the FFC 30-Day Trial Membership:

  1. Visit the Forrest Fitness Center online purchase page and select the 30-Day Trial Membership.                       purchase 30-Day trial membership
  2. After purchase, be sure that you receive a confirmation email. If not, contact ffc@CalLutheran.edu to verify payment confirmation.
  3. Print, read, and fill out the FFC Membership Application & Agreement. This document must be turned in to the Forrest Fitness Center front desk staff or sent in via email to ffc@CalLutheran.edu . Your Memberhsip Application must be received and processed before memberships can be activated. In case of an emergency, individuals must have valid medical insurance that covers Emergency Medical Services (EMS). 
  4. print ffc membership application & agreement
  5. Once the membership has been purchased and application has been received, you will receive a confirmation email from the FFC Coordinator to notify you that your paperwork has been processed and your 30-Day Trial has been activated. Access to the FFC will not be granted until you have receive this confirmation email.
  6. Once confirmation has been received, you will have access to the FFC for 30 days. Upon each visit to the facility, you MUST show some form of photo ID such as a driver's license or a passport in order for the FFC front desk staff to confirm your name on the 30-Day Trial list. 
  7. After the date of expiration, an annual Forrest Fitness Center membership will need to be purchased in order to maintain access to the facility.