New to Cal Lutheran?

If you are a new CLU student, staff, or faculty member, please complete the following steps to access your FREE membership to the Forrest Fitness Center:

  1.  Obtain a Campus Safety issued ID card. Cal Lutheran ID cards can be ordered by visiting the CLU Campus Safety website. All patrons MUST have their CLU ID cards with them in order to have access to the Forrest Fitness Center. CLU ID cards are used to swipe into the facility through the front desk turnstile. order a clu id card
  2. Read, sign, and submit the Forrest Fitness Center Waiver & Release Agreement. This is a one-time online Dynamic Form. Sign-in will require the use of a MyCLU account. Please submit the waiver that is indicated "For students and employees".

    ffc waiver & release agreement

  •  All members of the CLU Community MUST have their CLU ID card with them and have completed the FFC Waiver & Release Agreement prior to using the facility. 
  •  All patrons MUST swipe through the FFC front desk turnstile to enter the facility.
  •  It may take 3-5 business days for ID cards to be granted access to the FFC front desk turnstile. If ID card does not work at the turnstile, FFC student workers will be available for assistance.
  •  Individuals under the age of 18 are NOT permitted to use the Forrest Fitness Center. Underage students must have a parent or legal guardian sign the FFC Waiver & Release agreement to gain access. For more information, please contact