Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program was established by the U.S. Government to allow scholars from other
countries to come to the U.S. to participate in educational and cultural programs. The objective of the
Exchange Visitor Program is to increase mutual understanding between the citizens of the U.S. and the
Exchange Visitors’ countries. California Lutheran University has been recognized by the U.S. Department
of State as an Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor. The presence of visiting scholars at California
Lutheran University promotes diversity and awareness of other cultures, peoples, and languages; and a
greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for other cultures.

The exchange visitors coming to CLU may participate in studies, research, or teaching as it corresponds
to their specific J-1 category. All U.S. visitors holding J-1 visa status are referred to as Exchange Visitors
(EV). CLU hosts exchange students as well as exchange faculty. Details about student exchange are
available through the provided link to the OISS student exchange site. The current page overviews faculty
exchange (aka. Visiting Scholars).

J-1 Exchange Visitor Categories at CLU

Before inviting a EV it is important to know what role is pursued. There are several J-1 Categories that a
J-1 Visiting Scholar can be selected for pending the type of work.

Note: The Department of State usually does not permit change from one J category to another. However,
change from research scholar to professor category, and vice versa, is permitted. The J-1 Visiting Scholar status may not be used for tenure-track faculty positions.