Hosting a Visiting Scholar

Here is a PowerPoint Presentation for more information.

Sponsoring Department Responsibilities

To initiate a request for J-1 visa sponsorship, please review the information from the checklist to the right. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Dr. Patricia Aguirre at 805-493-3951, or via email at

J-1 Sponsorship Application Procedures

The CLU sponsoring academic department initiates the J-1 process by working with the Provost’s Office
to provide a letter of invitation which includes the parameters of the VS and CLU role. Once the Visiting
Scholar (VS) obtains the invitation letter from the sponsoring department, the VS will work with the
sponsoring department to complete and submit the Sponsorship Request form with the required
documents to OISS. Note: The instructions and access to the form will be available once the invitation
letter is issued by the Provost’s office.

Resources for Sponsoring Departments

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) helps CLU sponsoring departments host international faculty and scholars by providing assistance in choosing the appropriate immigration classification, information about the obligations of the sponsor, visa request forms, and a variety of additional information.

Sponsoring Departments are encouraged to review the links below and to contact OISS for guidance and assistance throughout the process of sponsoring international faculty and scholars:

  • Intent to Invite a J-1 Visiting Scholar Request (To be completed by the faculty, department chair, and/or dean) (Schedule and appointment with Dr. Patricia Aguirre [])
  • J-1 Visiting Scholars Sponsorship Request (To be completed by the prospective visiting scholar in collaboration with the sponsoring faculty) (Schedule and appointment with Dr. Patricia Aguirre [])
  • Checklist to Request a J-1 Visiting Scholar (Please email
  • J-1 Visitor Scholar English Language Assessment and Verification (Please email