Current Visiting Scholars

Maintaining J-1 Regulatory Status

Scholars are responsible for following the expectations established by the U.S. government for eligibility to remain in good standing. Below are a quick-reference list of some of the responsibilities.

Subsequent Travel and Re-Entry to the U.S.

If you travel outside the United States during your J-1 Program (after your initial entry), you will need the following for your re-entry to the U.S.A:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid J-1 Visa *
  • Valid DS-2019 Form with a Travel Signature (endorsed within the last 12 months or 6 months for short-term scholars) **
  • Proof of Financial Support

Please note that processing time varies but OISS staff typically require 5-7 business days for request turn-around. Be sure to email OISS at regarding your reason and date of travel ahead of time to have your signed CLU DS-2019 prepared for a worry-free reentry!

DS-2019 Extension

See the OISS J-1 Exchange Visitor categories page for information about the length of time that applies to your J-1 Visiting Scholar category.  A J-1 program must be continuous. Therefore, a request to extend your current J-1 program must be made before your current program expires.


If you require an extension of your current program, follow these steps at least two (2) months before the expiration:

  1. Discuss the possibility of extending with your CLU sponsoring department.
  2. If in agreement, your sponsoring department will submit a new intent to petition a visiting scholar request form and seek final approval from the Provost’s office.
  3. You and your sponsoring department will follow the instructions from the Obtaining a DS-2029 for J-1 visiting scholar page.

J-1 Program Completion

J-1 Exchange Visitors are allowed an additional 30-day grace period to prepare for their departure from
the U.S. During this 30-day grace period, employment or study is not allowed. Upon your departure
from the U.S. within these 30 days, the J Visa status automatically expires. You will not be able to re-
enter the country to reclaim the rest of your grace period time even if you leave prior to the 30-days. This
includes departure via land borders (e.g., Mexico or Canada).