Spring Orientation

For New Undergraduate Students

Helpful Tips

Preparing for Your Arrival

"Your first year is the best opportunity you have to meet new people. It is so much easier to meet people at the beginning rather than later on. Introduce yourself, ask for social media contacts or phone numbers and go out of your way to meet new people. College is 100% how well you take advantage of the opportunities you have. You can make this experience however you want it to be but it all depends on your mindset." -Suvee Ranasinghe, Class of 2021

"Remember to come with a good attitude and be open for new experiences. You don't need to bring everything just enough to make you feel at home." -Melody Howie, Class of 2011.

"Don't forget the surge protectors!" -Mckenzi Hurick, Class of 2011.

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Getting Involved

"Don't be afraid to do stuff that you are unsure about, take time to explore and meet new people and take new interersts and try new hobbies." -Anthony Morgan, Class of 2022

"Get out of your comfort zone, enjoy the time you have here and don't be afraid to ask questions." -Andrea Ramirez, Class of 2020

"Be yourself and go out and participate in school events! I would also say to manage your time well because you can get easily distracted." -Terehna Soriano, Class of 2022

"Start figuring out how to use Blackboard as quickly as possible. Figure out what your most ideal studying environment is. Join all clubs that interest you; its the best way to meet new people!" -Bianca Akbiyik, Class of 2022

"Get involved your first year with as many things as you can. This will allow you to meet new students and gain connections that could last a life time." -Azubah Collins, Class of 2021

"Stay organized, ask questions and have fun!" -Landon Navarro, Class of 2020

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Living on Campus

"Don't forget about the late night swipe on your meal plan!" -Karyme Lara Chagoya, Class of 2021

"Leave your door open while you are in your room for the first couple of weeks. You will meet so many friends just by saying "Hi!" to people passing by." -Chelsea Gutowski, Class of 2014.


"Cal Lutheran has some of the kindest students I have ever met, and they're always willing to help with anything from study groups, advice or anything else you might need. Don't be afraid to reach out to others!" -Krista Chang, Class of 2022

"Well being a commuter was tough, but the commuter lunches were a big help. I was able to make new friends and meet new people. Not only that, but the events that were put on around campus were what really got me involved to become a Peer Advisor. Another big reason that I got involved was because my Peer Advisor would always tell me about the opportunties around campus." -Jose Eksosa, Class of 2013.

"Commuting is not as bad as it seems. When everyone starts school they are just so excited to meet new people, regardless if they live at home or in the dorms, so making friends is rather easy! Commuting can be great, you get to separate your school life from your home life and allow one to be the escape when things get a little bit crazy with the other. As a commuter you get to keep your nice, comfy bed and yummy food at home, but still be able to go to a great university and be a part of all the events on campus. Commuting is what you make of it. You can be as involved or dependent as you want whatever suits you best." -Antonella Puglisi, Class of 2013.

International Students

"It was not as hard as I thought...I thought it would be really hard to make friends but there are so many nice and kind people [at CLU]. Professors really care about students and take care of international students sincerely." -Joonggun (Andy) Ahn, Class of 2014 (South Korea).

"Being an international student at CLU is a great experience. Everyone here, both faculty and students, are very helpful and interested in getting to know you. All around campus people are very nice and it's overall a very welcoming feeling. The professors are also understanding and willing to sit down and help if there are any problems you experience as an international student." -Thord Setsaas, Class of 2012 (Norway).

"Being an international student at any university is challenging, but being at CLU has not only transformed me as a student, but also as a person." -Ali Alhatrashi, Class of 2014 (Yemen).