Spring Orientation

For New Undergraduate Students

Helpful Tips

The most helpful tips for a successful transition to life at CLU come directly from our current students some of which were transfer students themselves.


"The environment is very friendly and open to new students. Make sure to pack light cause you don't need half the things you bring." -Erasmo Almazan, Class of 2011.

"Go to as many events as possible, bring a friend and meet tons of people.  Plus, you're always guaranteed to have a good time.  If you're interested in something, get involved in a club.  If you like to sing, try joining choir.  Meet with your professor as soon as possible, build a good relationship with your faculty advisor, you'll feel more comfortable in the classroom.  Try to get involved in your major's club: ie, if you are a psychology major, join the psych club.  There are many majors with clubs on campus and that's a great way to meet people and then you have instant study buddies during finals and midterms.  And if there isn't a club for something you would like to see on campus, create one!  There are many opportunities for commuters, transfers, and all new students on campus, you just have to take advantage of them.  Take if from a transfer commuter student personally :)" - Chelsea Graf, Class of 2012.


Preparing for Your Arrival

"Get to know your peer advisor whether through email or Facebook. Talk to your roommates over the summer and try to meet them in person beforehand. Come up with a plan of who is bringing what and it will make the transition to CLU a whole lot easier." -Megan Everett, Class of 2013.

"Remember to come with a good attitude and be open for new experiences. You don't need to bring everything just enough to make you feel at home." -Melody Howie, Class of 2011.

"Don't forget the surge protectors!" -Mckenzi Hurick, Class of 2011.


Getting Involved

"Get involved! If you weren't in high school, now's a good time to start. It's a great way to meet people, learn, and get the most out of the college experience." -Courtney Nunez, Class of 2014.

"Come to clubs with an open mind and be willing to participate and learn from them. Don't be afraid of being open to new clubs because most of them are very welcoming." -Michelle Mocalis, Class of 2014.

"Getting involved on campus is the best way to make yourself part of the CLU community and to meet people who share your interests and values with whom you will make many friends and memories to last a lifetime. By getting involved on campus I have made many friends that I wouldn't have otherwise met. I have laughed more, learned more, and personally grown more in a few months at CLU than I have anywhere else." -Hilary Glossbrenner, Class of 2014.

"Your experience at CLU is going to depend a lot on how willing you are to grow. It will depend on you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you've never done before. There are plenty of opportunties at CLU for students to get engaged. Just be ready to meet people, ask questions, and explore all that CLU has to offer." -Matthew Soto, Class of 2013.

"Don't be afraid to ask questions! In order to get involved, you really have to be involved in the happenings of your new school, and this takes both work and time. It's really useful to ask questions of those who are well integrated in the CLU community. Also, be active! Intramurals are fantastic as both a great way to meet people and stay fit." -Nicole Sparkman, Class of 2011.

"Attend the involvement fair and sign up for everything, that does not mean that you have to do everything; however, it gives you a foot in the door and allows you to explore all of the wonderful opportunties CLU has to offer." -Robyn Poynter, Class of 2012.


Living on Campus

"Living on campus is a great way to meet people and get involved at CLU. It helped me become neater and less messy!" -Caitlin Jensen, Class of 2013.

"Leave your door open while you are in your room for the first couple of weeks. You will meet so many friends just by saying "Hi!" to people passing by." -Chelsea Gutowski, Class of 2014.



"You should get here [to CLU] early to get a good parking spot! -Maxine Nelson, Class of 2014.

"Well being a commuter was tough, but the commuter lunches were a big help. I was able to make new friends and meet new people. Not only that, but the events that were put on around campus were what really got me involved to become a Peer Advisor. Another big reason that I got involved was because my Peer Advisor would always tell me about the opportunties around campus." -Jose Eksosa, Class of 2013.

"Commuting is not as bad as it seems. When everyone starts school they are just so excited to meet new people, regardless if they live at home or in the dorms, so making friends is rather easy! Commuting can be great, you get to separate your school life from your home life and allow one to be the escape when things get a little bit crazy with the other. As a commuter you get to keep your nice, comfy bed and yummy food at home, but still be able to go to a great university and be a part of all the events on campus. Commuting is what you make of it. You can be as involved or dependent as you want whatever suits you best." -Antonella Puglisi, Class of 2013.


International Students

"It was not as hard as I thought...I thought it would be really hard to make friends but there are so many nice and kind people [at CLU]. Professors really care about students and take care of international students sincerely." -Joonggun (Andy) Ahn, Class of 2014 (South Korea).

"Being an international student at CLU is a great experience. Everyone here, both faculty and students, are very helpful and interested in getting to know you. All around campus people are very nice and it's overall a very welcoming feeling. The professors are also understanding and willing to sit down and help if there are any problems you experience as an international student." -Thord Setsaas, Class of 2012 (Norway).

"Being an international student at any university is challenging, but being at CLU has not only transformed me as a student, but also as a person." -Ali Alhatrashi, Class of 2014 (Yemen).