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General Education Curriculum at Cal Lutheran

Students' participation is encouraged, and your input today will help further this meaningful discussion.

Known by most at Cal Lutheran as "The Core," the general education requirements were designed decades ago to prepare learners for the 21st century. Now, as we are well into that century, it is time to reassess the curriculum to make sure it meets today's students' needs. A task force of students, staff and faculty, led by the college dean, has been charged with making recommendations to the university president, provost and undergraduate college faculty regarding the future of Cal Lutheran's general education core. Volunteers in campuswide workgroups are contributing to the process by gathering essential materials and input.

The purpose of general education is to promote student development along multiple vectors — cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and ethical — expose them to a variety of methodologies and interpretive strategies, and teach them to look, listen, read, think, speak and write critically and analytically (Mintz, 2020, Inside Higher Education).

The task force has been charged with developing a general education curriculum that is interdisciplinary and themed, but what that looks like on Cal Lutheran's campus is currently being analyzed and discussed.


The Task Force on General Education Curriculum looks forward to hearing your ideas and concerns as the process moves forward. This message is an open invitation for students to be part of the process.

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