Program Highlights

After completing the requirements for the California Preliminary Teaching Credential, candidates may be eligible to pursue the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.

The remaining courses guide students in deeper reflection on their own practice as they make stronger connections between theory and practice and conduct classroom-based research.

The course of study leading to the M.Ed. includes 24 credits from credential course work taken at the post-baccalaureate level (see above) and the following:

  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Educational Research Design and Methodology
  • Thesis

Theory to Practice

A key feature of this program is the integration of theory, research, and practice. The course work can be completed while students continue to teach full time.

Much of what is learned is immediately applicable to classroom settings as teachers investigate problems of practice and conduct action research in their own classrooms. A limited amount of credential course work may be transferred from other institutions.