MS Clinical Psychology Alumni Award Winners


Halleh Hashtpari, MS


Halleh Hashtpari, MS graduated from the MS Clinical Psychology program in 2014 after defending her Master’s thesis titled, Identity integration on psychological well-being of heterosexual and sexual minority Iranian Americans. Post-graduation, Halleh worked at a residential treatment center first as a residential counselor and then as a clinical site supervisor, where their primary responsibilities were centered around crisis management, and skills coaching. This Fall, Halleh began a PhD program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah. At the university, Halleh has taught undergraduate psychology courses; completed both quantitative and qualitative research relating to intersectionality, identity, culture and wellbeing (resulting in multiple peer-reviewed presentations and two manuscripts under peer review); co-authored a book chapter on lifelong learning in the helping professions that is currently in press; and received an honorable mention for leadership from the counseling psychology department at the University of Utah. This summer, in addition to continuing their doctoral work, Halleh will be joining Salt Lake Community College as an adjunct faculty member. 




Karthik Suresh, MS

Karthik receiving the award from Dr. Bedics

Karthik Suresh graduated from the MS in Clinical psychology program in 2013. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Hart in the Music Department, he completed a thesis titled, “The effect of music on working memory, sustained attention, and stress”.  Karthik has been working as a Project Manager in the Complete Care Management Department at Kaiser Hospital. His job responsibilities were related to the evaluation of patient quality assurance and quality improvement.  He was responsible for the development and implementation of systems for tracking patient data and participated in the oversight of staff in a variety of departments. Karthik was recently been promoted to Assistant Department Administrator for the Kaiser Simi Valley Medical Offices Family Practice Department where he is managing day to day operations of the Simi Valley Clinic. In his spare time he continues to play bass in two bands on the weekends.

Karthik received the award from Dr. Jamie D. Bedics during the Graduate School of Psychology Commencement Reception on Friday, May 13, 2016.