Student Accomplishments

Alumni Achievements

  • Congratulations to Lauren Mills for winning the 2020 PsyD in Clinical Psychology Alumni Award! Read More.

Selected Dissertations

  • Attachment and Parental Invalidation Contributes to Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms in a College-aged Sample by Jeanette Vienna Rendina (2018)

  • The Relationship Between the New Attachment Script Assessment and the ECR-RS, Using an Online Format by Keighlynn Nichole Adlof (2018)

Child and School Psychology
  • School-Based Mindfulness Interventions in Promoting Resilience in Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis by Molly Kolquist (2021)
  • Persistence, Hope, and Academic Self-Efficacy: The Academic Success of Elementary School Students by Amanda Lawrence (2018)

Culture, Diversity, and Social Justice
  • Historical Trauama and the Boarding School Experience: The Lived Experience of Seneca Indian School Attendees by Junaita Bigheart (2021)
  • Human Trafficking in Ventura County: Prevalence, Process, and Intervention by Sarah Kappen (2021)
  • Examining the Relationship Between Acculturation Level and Self-Stigma Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Among Vietnamese Americans by Ivy Luc (2018)

  • The Evidence for School-Based Mental Health Screening with Latino Youth by Lara Buckley (2018)

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Verbal Fluency Performance Analysis: Overall Word Production, Clusters, and Switching as They Relate to Demographic Variables Among a Sample of Spanish-Speaking Latino Adults in Ventura County, California by Lizeth Lopez (2018)

  • Non-Indigenous Mexican and Indigenous Mixteco Immigrant Farmworkers - A Comparative Quality of Life Analysis by Ruth D. Arviso-Richmond (2016)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Effects of Graduate Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Changes in Skill Acquisition by Patricia Kay Wright (2016)

  • Interpersonal Change during Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder: An Evidence-Based Case Study by Ashley De Layne Ribeiro (2015)

Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Personality Predictors of Athletic Performance in Collegiate Athletes by Jennifer Kraska (2021)
  • Athlete Motivation and Leadership Preferences in a Collegiate Football Team by Taylor Sorenson (2018)

  • Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors of University Professors toward Students with Concussion by Desiree Lynn Howard (2017)

  • Traits of Performance Excellence: Are They Also Risk Factors for Eating Disorders Among Sub-Elite Female Athletes? by Nicole M. Priester (2017)

  • Distinguishing Between Child Abuse and Corporal Punishment: The Perspective of Mandated Reporters by Amy Marianne Johansson (2019)

  • Juveniles who Sexually Offend: A Systematic Review of Manualized Treatments Through the Lens of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Treatment Standards by Shauna Marsh (2019)

  • Methods for Evaluating Competency to Stand Trial: Reviewing the Literature and Standardizing the Process by Lauren Mills (2016)

  • An Examination of the Possible Use of Attachment Assessments for Making Child Custody Decisions by Miranda Sager (2015)

Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
  • A Content Analysis of Online Social Support Behaviors Given Among Individuals Coping with Ectopic Pregnancy by Shayna Perry (2019)

  • Predicting Post-Bariatric Surgery Compliance and Success by Shirah Bale (2018)

  • Boredom Proneness and Distracted Driving Behavior by Sodah Minty (2018)

Intimate Partner Violence
  • Children Witnesses of Domestic Violence: Environmental Correlates of Externalizing or Internalizing Behaviors by Kristen Switaj (2017)

  • Who is the Parent and who is the Child? Attachment, Role Reversal, and Child Behavior in IPV Survivors and their Young Children by Lauren Jensen (2017)

  • Cultural Values and Beliefs among an Intimate Partner Violence Population by Kristina Laura Rodriguez (2015)

  • Heterogeneity amongst Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Typological Approach by Daniel Paul Charles Knauss (2015)

  • Identifying Factors that Contribute to Staying or Leaving a Violent Relationship by Sharon Cuff (2015)

Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
  • Understanding the Nature of Negative Symptoms by Examining Their Relationship to Stressful Life Events in Recent-Onset Schizophrenia by Holly Joelle McKinley (2018)

  • Physiological Responses and Gaze Patterns to Animals in Individuals Endorsing Autistic Characteristics by Joelle Georgeff Martino (2018)

  • The Connection Between Psychogenic Symptom Susceptibility and Paranormal Belief: Shared Paranoid Thought Processes by Susie Michelle King (2017)

  • Moral Reconation Therapy and its Effect on Moral Reasoning by Laura Townsend Townsend (2017)

  • The Relationship Among Emotional Vulnerability, Invalidating Experiences, and Borderline Personality Symptoms by Jacqueline Mary Henretig (2016)

  • The Association between Emotion Regulation Strategies and Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder by Jenissa D. Mac Vie (2016)

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Sharma, R. N., Casas, R. N., & *Crawford, N. M. (2015, April). Geographic distribution of Californian psychologists in relation to socio-demographic variables. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the California Psychological Association, San Diego, CA.
  • *Buckley, L., *Howard, D. & Twyford, J. M. (2015, October). The effects of school day structure on school climate. Poster presentation at the California Association of School Psychologists convention, Riverside, CA.

  • Camacho, C., *Wilson, D., & Casas, R. (2013, April). Patterns of social media use as an advocacy tool in a community sample. Poster presented at the Festival of Scholars, California Lutheran University.

  • Lechuga, D., *Wilson, D., & Casas, R. (2014, March). Neuropsychologists' critical role in the post-concussion/brain injury return-to-school process. Presentation at the California Psychological Association Convention, Monterey, CA.

  • *Minty, S., & Twyford, J. M. (2015, April). A defense against burnout: Psychology Graduate Students. Poster presentation at the California Psychological Association Conference, San Diego, CA.

  • *Ornelas, L., & Casas, R. (2015, September). Midiendo La salud neuroconductual y el compromiso civil en comunidades de campesinos inmigrantes en California. Presentation at the Mexican Psychological Society MEeting, Cancun, Mexico.

  • Twyford, J. M., *Marsh, S. K., *Buckley, L., & *Good, S. (2015, March). Interdisciplinary restorative justice implementation: The role of psychologists. Poster presentation at the American Psychology-Law Society Conference, San Diego, CA.

  • Twyford, J. M., & *Buckley, L. (2013, August). Latino youth on probation, positive psychology, and protective factors against recidivism: A first look. Paper presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention, Honolulu, HI.

*Denotes Cal Lutheran Student