4 to Finish Guarantee

You'll finish in four years — or we'll pay for your classes.

Get a head start on your future

Graduating from college on time can make all the difference in your success.

When you finish in four years, you'll start your career or move on to grad school sooner than 50% of your peers.

You'll also avoid paying more in tuition — saving yourself money.

Where will you be in 8 years?
Graduate On Time
Graduate in 6 years

Estimates based on national averages for college debt, starting salary, yearly raises, and $8,893 of college debt for each additional year, as estimated by College Complete America

Get the classes you need

"4 to Finish" is our guarantee that your graduation won't be delayed because you can't get into the classes you need.

You'll get registration priority within your class level each semester so that you can graduate on time — something overcrowded state schools can't guarantee.

If you can't get a class you need, then we'll help you find an acceptable substitute. If there isn't one? Then we'll pick up the cost of the extra time to finish your degree.

4-Year Graduation Rates

Stay on track

Your academic adviser will meet with you each semester to review your plans and help you navigate your course requirements. To get started, you'll sign the agreement in your first month here and declare your major in your first or third semester, depending on your major.

Ready to learn more?

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